December 29, 2019

Holy Family Feast: Mary Did You Know? (122919)

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In honor of the feast of the Holy Family:



Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would one day walk on water?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?
This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy will give sight to a blind man?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy will calm the storm with His hand?
Did you know that your Baby Boy has walked where angels trod?
When you kiss your little Baby you kissed the face of God?

Mary did you know … Ooo Ooo Ooo

The blind will see.
The deaf will hear.
The dead will live again.
The lame will leap.
The dumb will speak the praises of The Lamb.

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your Baby Boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb?
That sleeping child you’re holding is the Great, I Am.

July 31, 2019

Positivity: Man’s Apple Watch saves his life by alerting him to deadly heart condition

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From Oldham in Manchester, England:

15 Jul 2019, 0:16
Updated: 15 Jul 2019, 13:57

A MAN’S life was saved when his Apple Watch alerted him to a deadly heart condition.

Student Jorge Cox, 22, told docs the device recorded resting heart rates of 130 beats per minute — well above expected figures of between 60 and 100bpm.

Further tests revealed he had been born with a leaky heart valve.

Jorge, a graduate from Blackpool and The Fylde College, who lives in Oldham, Manchester, is recovering from surgery to fix the problem.

He said: “The Apple Watch tells you if there is a spike in heart rate, but mine kept happening when I was lying down, watching TV or dozing which is unusual.

“It didn’t make much sense, but I put it down to the amount of coffee I was drinking to get through my exams.

“I only mentioned it in passing to a nurse who was prepping me for a tonsillectomy because she asked if I had any history of heart problems.

“She was amazing and made sure it was checked out straight away – thank god she did.”

Without the Apple watch Jorge maintains that he might not be alive to ‘tell the tale’ as doctors warned that he could have ‘dropped down dead’ at any time.

The surgery, which involved breaking his sternum, replaced Jorge’s leaky valve with a new one, giving him a new lease of life.

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 30, 2019

Positivity: Cops Crack 35-Year-Old Cold Case Murder of Elderly Man with Help from Popular TV Show

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From Leon County, Texas:

Published July 12, 2019 at 11:46am

Since 1984, Norma Allbritton has managed to dodge accusations that she killed her husband, Johnnie Allbritton.

But on July 1, police arrested 84-year-old Allbritton for the murder of her husband, who was 64 years old on the day he was found dead in his Texas home, shot five times.

Allbritton was 49 years old at the time of the 1984 murder. Police considered her a suspect at the time, but she successfully evaded a polygraph test and subsequent questioning — getting away with alleged murder for the majority of her life.

According to a press release from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the cold case was reinvestigated by a team of local investigators joined by members from the popular reality crime television show, “Cold Justice.”

With the resources provided by “Cold Justice” leading to new evidence in the case, the LCSO was able to issue an arrest warrant for Allbritton for the murder of her husband.

The sheriff’s office has not been able to comment on precisely what new evidence led to solving the 35-year-old cold case, but the story is scheduled to air on “Cold Justice” early next year, according to WTTG.

“This truly was a team effort,” Sheriff Kevin Ellis told the Palestine Herald-Press. “Without ‘Cold Justice,’ I don’t think we could’ve progressed as we have — but they also couldn’t have done it without the LCSO staff.”

Judy Robinson, Johnnie Allbritton’s daughter and Norma Allbritton’s stepdaughter, is not the least bit surprised over the arrest.

“Well, we’ve always kind of thought that she was the main suspect, so that part wasn’t a shock,” Judy Robinson told KBTX.

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 29, 2019

Positivity: Waitress Overhears Diners Who Just Lost Everything, Hands Them Folded Note on Their Way Out

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From Fairfield, Texas:

Published July 14, 2019 at 12:56am

The havoc wreaked on the Gulf Coast of Texas by Hurricane Harvey began on August 17, 2017. Even though it has been nearly 2 years, those directly affected by the devastation still remember the disaster as if it happened yesterday.

So many lost so much and in turn, numerous kind individuals reached out to lend a helping hand.

A waitress who worked at Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas, was one of those people.

Mary Gough was waiting tables when she encountered Carlos Sepeda Jr. and his wife Tammy — a couple who survived Harvey but said goodbye to the home they loved because of it.

Sepeda shared the story of what happened next on Facebook.

“This is how I know Texas is great!” he wrote, explaining how his mother-in-law took him and his wife to Sam’s Restaurant following evacuation.

“Our waitress who we had never met before waited on us and heard about our situation,” Sepeda said. “She handed my wife this paper, we did not look at it till we got to the parking lot.”

Sepeda and his wife had no idea what the paper held. They never expected it would contain a gift between its folds, accompanied with kind words they’ve continued to cherish.

“We opened the note to see a 100 dollar bill we walked back in to tell her we could not take her money,” Sepeda said. “Her reply was she had gone to the back and prayed on it and she refused to take the money back.”

Gough’s note was short and sweet but made such an impact on this family. “This isn’t much compared to your loss,” it read. “Buy you something special. God bless — my prayers are w/u. Ma.” …

… On the 1-year anniversary of Harvey, Tammy Sepeda shared their viral story once again and thanked Gough for her compassion.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to remember the 1 year anniversary of Harvey, than to remember Mary & what she did for us,” Tammy wrote on Facebook.

Go here for the full story.

July 28, 2019

Positivity: Social Media Censorship Will Never Stop Us From Speaking Up for Babies Victimized by Abortion

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From a July 15 column by Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, seen at Life News:

At the White House … (on July 11), President Donald Trump held a summit calling out Silicon Valley for their censorship of conservative and pro-life voices online. My organization, Susan B. Anthony List, participated in the summit, joining President Trump and our friend, Live Action President Lila Rose in demanding transparency and accountability.

The mainstream media continue to deny the evidence, but pro-life advocates have experienced a consistent, years-long pattern of bias that cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence or the error of an algorithm. It spans several different platforms and has been experienced by many different groups and individuals, including SBA List.

Since 2017, Twitter has refused paid advertising from Live Action unless they purge content from their own website — including content calling for an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Last month Live Action learned Pinterest intentionally added them to a “pornography block list.” Pinterest then banned Live Action permanently, accusing them of “misinformation and conspiracies” and of having a detrimental effect on public safety.

Live Action is not alone. Twitter blocked a political ad submitted by Congressman Marsha Blackburn in which she discussed her efforts “to stop the sale of body parts” by Planned Parenthood. After widespread criticism, Twitter reversed its decision. Then when the pro-life film Unplanned opened in U.S. theaters, Twitter suspended its account, offering the most tenuous of explanations after the fact.

YouTube removed footage from David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood employees describing, in brutal detail, tearing off the limbs of unborn babies in late-term abortions. A year later, YouTube suspended Abortion Pill Reversal’s account citing its policy on “harmful or dangerous content,” explaining that it “doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death” — a ludicrous accusation to level at a group that saves lives by helping women who change their minds after initiating the chemical abortion process.

At SBA List, we’ve meticulously documented our problems with Twitter and Facebook, which began more than two years ago. We use these platforms to advertise not just to our base, but to people who we think could be moved by our message. Our paid ads blocked by Twitter have included a pro-life quote by Mother Teresa and ads calling on constituents to tweet at their representatives to urge them to vote for a pro-life health care reform bill. In September 2017, Twitter blocked an SBA List video ad advocating for John Adams for Virginia attorney general, stating that it was unacceptable to use the phrase “killing babies” in an advertisement — never mind that it’s the truth about abortion.

In late 2018, Facebook censored SBA List’s “Charlotte” and “Micah” videos telling the story of children born prematurely, at gestational ages when abortion is permissible, who were given lifesaving care. Days before the 2018 midterm election, our Tennessee campaign ad was censored. Facebook issued us an apology stating the ad “should never have been disapproved,” but just a few hours later a similar ad running in Montana was also censored.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this past April, our Vice President Marilyn Musgrave testified on the ongoing censorship of pro-life speech by social media giants, along with Chuck Konzelman, the writer and director of Unplanned. Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, showed the entire room the Mother Teresa quote that was banned, asking representatives of Twitter and Facebook, “Is this hate speech?” Their response was stumped silence. Sen. Josh Hawley, Missouri Republican, inquired whether they would commit to making their protocols public or to a third-party audit. They would not. …

… We will never quit speaking out and working to end the brutality of abortion. We are grateful to President Trump for calling on Big Tech to stop censorship and uphold principles of fairness and free speech.

Go here for the full column.

July 27, 2019

Positivity: Mother Changes Her Mind Midway Through the Abortion, Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy

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From Colorado Springs, Colorado, via Life News:

July 15 2019, 12:54 p.m.

Shashana Hazi visited the Colorado Springs, Colorado Planned Parenthood and took the first part of the abortion pill process to end her pregnancy. Almost immediately, she regretted that decision. Little did she know then how close she was to experiencing a miracle.

“After I took the first pill, I bawled my eyes out,” she said.

She sought help from the Planned Parenthood clinic.

“I asked them about my options, and I was told nothing could be done, that I should just take the second pill and get it over with,” she said. “I hung up on them.”

A former Marine, Shashana’s determination extends beyond her doggedness to help her find an option after taking the first abortion pill. Shashana began researching the internet.

Her determination to not listen to the abortion clinic staff paid off when she discovered the Abortion Pill Reversal (now Abortion Pill Rescue) website. The operator put her in touch with Life Network. Laura Howe was a center employee at the time.

Our president then was a physician and her husband was also a physician,” Howe recalled. “They connected Shashana with another physician in the community – at the time, we had no protocol at Life Network for abortion pill reversal. A lot of research was done and the physician to whom she was referred provided Shashana with the progesterone.”

That was almost four years ago. Thanks to her diligence, Shashana discovered Life Network, a Colorado pregnancy center, and abortion pill reversal. Today the young woman has a nearly three-year-old happy, healthy son.

“He is funky and loving,” Shashana said about her toddler, who she named Attikus. “He’s the glue that keeps us together.”

Shashana is now the mother of two young children. Single parenting was a significant concern for her, one reason she initially gave in to the pressure by the father of her baby to abort. At the time she became pregnant, Shashana was dating a man who already had children.

“He didn’t want any more, and he told me to get an abortion,” she recalled. “He really pushed me, and since I knew he wouldn’t be around and I was already a single mom, I gave in.”

Studies show that 64 percent of post-abortive women claimed they felt pressured by others to abort. Yet, deep in her heart, she knew she didn’t want to abort. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 26, 2019

Positivity: For pregnant women facing poverty, pro-life groups offer resources for success

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From New York City:

Jul 14, 2019 / 03:26 am (CNA).- Poor women are the most likely population to obtain an abortion.

While it may seem logical that a woman who is already struggling financially is one of the most likely candidates for an abortion, the trend is relatively recent, reports the New York Times.

According to a July 9 article, data from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research organization, shows that 50% of women who obtained an abortion in 2014 were considered low-income, compared to 1994, when only one-fourth of women who got an abortion that year were living in poverty.

The reasons for this are many, according to the New York Times. More people overall live at or below the poverty line now than did 25 years ago. There are many financial resources available for poor women who are seeking abortions, and hotlines to help them access these resources.

The article ended with the story of a poor woman who, finding herself unexpectedly pregnant, decided to get an abortion in order to get through college.

But there are also abundant resources available for poor, pregnant women who want to carry their pregnancies to term and parent their children, and they should be included in stories such as these, pro-life advocates told CNA.

“The New York Times is so disingenuous to pretend that there are no services for women, no help for women, no hope for women, and basically their message is – you might as well have an abortion,” Kristi Hamrick, a spokesperson for Students for Life of America (SFLA), told CNA.

“It’s a defeatist message and it’s an anti-feminist message, because we should be about empowering women. We should be about protecting their rights against pregnancy discrimination. We should be about making sure that if you want an education, you can get one,” she added. “So I find it fascinating that these so-called champions of women aren’t willing to champion pregnant women.”

SFLA is a pro-life group that works specifically with pregnant and parenting students on campus to ensure that their rights are protected and that they have access to the resources they need.

“It’s really part of the work we’re doing every day, letting women know that there is help for them, there is support for them, and that defeatist messages from the abortion industry – that’s a marketing pitch, but that’s not the truth,” Hamrick said.

One of the main things that SFLA’s “Pregnant on Campus” initiative does is work with schools to ensure that the rights of pregnant women are protected, and that the campus is creating a welcoming environment for them. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 25, 2019

Positivity: Teens encounter Christ by serving homeless persons in DC

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From Washington:

Jul 15, 2019 / 03:01 am

It is an overcast day with threatening rain clouds overhead, but the mood in the basement of Holy Name of Jesus Church in Northeast Washington is downright sunny. Here, a group of Catholic teens are hard at work helping to prepare the “Holy Foods Market” food pantry for one of its monthly openings, and then later in the day they would make and distribute bagged lunches to some of DC’s homeless population.

The teens, under the supervision of adult volunteers, were participating in Encounter the Gospel of Life’s Service Camp, a weeklong program that place groups of teenagers with nonprofits in the Washington, D.C. area, where they serve during the day. At night, there are keynote speeches, concerts, prayers, and community building.

The Holy Foods Pantry was one of the nonprofit work sites, and a group of mostly high schoolers was stationed there for the week. CNA spoke to some of the participants to learn more about what would entice a teenager to give up a week of their summer vacation to serve on the streets of DC.

Frances Noory is a 15-year-old sophomore at a Catholic high school in northern Virginia. She told CNA that she “just really loves helping people,” and that she believes her service with Encounter is “God’s work and what He wants us to do.”

At Holy Foods Pantry, Noory said she had been working to organize the pantry, and assist clients with the “shopping” process.

“And then, we also make lunches and go out on to the streets–we hand them out to people who are in need, and we pray with them and talk with them and just give them support,” she said.

As a young, faithful Catholic, she said that living her faith “can be difficult sometimes,” but experiences like Encounter are “very encouraging and exciting.”

With programs like this, Catholic teens are given the opportunity to meet and fellowship with each other. Encounter participants are mainly from the Washington area, but the camp is open to groups from around the country.

Ryanne Thereault, 16, agreed with Noory. This is Thereault’s second time doing Encounter, but her first at the Holy Foods Pantry site. She told CNA that she loved “the atmosphere that the camp creates,” and that “everyone is just there for each other, and we all have a great time serving.”

Thereault also appreciated the opportunity to serve the less fortunate.

“I loved interacting with people on the streets,” said Thereault. “They all have really good hearts, and they were so happy to see us. They were really thankful for us.”

Many of the people CNA spoke to had been to Encounter in the past. For Matt Lawry, a 17-year-old who attends Archbishop Curley High School, this was his third summer, but his first working with the homeless. In previous summers, his service sites were primarily working with children.

“This site is more eye-opening, ‘cause you go out and interact with the homeless. It’s a completely different experience,” he said. In particular, he was struck by his encounter with a man named Orlando.

“He was in jail for like, 25 years,” said Lawry. “He was just telling us about how he did like every drug in the book, and that he promised his parents he would make it out, and he’d keep doing good things.”

Overall, Lawry said that he had enjoyed his time serving on the streets, and that “working with the homeless is like working to get closer to God.”

Young adults who have graduated from high school are also able to participate in Encounter’s service camp. Unlike the youth participants, young adults are able to pick their service site. Christine Johnson, an 18-year-old who attends the University of Maryland, chose Holy Foods Pantry.

This is Johnson’s fourth time doing Encounter. “It’s been probably the best four weeks of my life, every year. I’ve just met so many amazing people,” she said. Holy Foods was her favorite site “by far,” even though she had no idea what to expect when she first arrived.

She said she’s watched her group mates mature over the week, and they were able to overcome their initial apprehension about talking to homeless people.

Inner-city DC is very different from where Johnson grew up, and she said she has very much grown from her week serving on the streets.

“Despite the fact that we’re bringing them lunches and we’re talking to them, every time I interact with someone I just feel like I’ve gotten so much more from them than I’m able to give them,” she said. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 24, 2019

Positivity: This Roman basilica is dedicated to 20th century martyrs

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From Rome:

Jul 14, 2019 / 04:08 pm

On an island in Rome’s Tiber River, there is a basilica devoted to the Christian martyrs of the 20th century, the bloodiest century in the history of the Catholic Church.

Flanked on either side by relics of Christians martyred under Communism and Nazism respectively, the main altar of the Basilica of St. Bartholomew on Tiber Island connects the tradition of Rome’s apostolic martyrs to the persecution of Christians today.

The church was first commissioned in 998 by German Emperor Otto III to receive the remains of St. Bartholomew, who was flayed alive for his faith, and St. Adalbert, bishop of Prague who was martyred in 997 during the evangelization of Poland.

Today the basilica houses relics of the apostle and medieval evangelist alongside those of St. Maximilian Kolbe, martyred in Auschwitz, and Sr. Leonella Sgorbati, a missionary nurse in Somalia in the height of the country’s civil war. Her last words as she was murdered in 2006 were: “I forgive them, I forgive, I forgive.”

Father Angelo Romano, rector of St. Bartholomew on Tiber Island, told CNA that the basilica has received more than 120 relics from the persecuted Christian communities of modern martyrs from around the world. Many of the objects are second-class relics, which are items, or fractions of an item, that a saint personally owned.

The basilica is currently working on a crypt museum to display the entire collection because the basilica’s side chapels, which preserve the memory of recent martyrs from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe, cannot fit them all.

“The stories of the martyrs are attractive. People want to know about them because they are very close to Jesus, and when you are close to Jesus, people love you,” Fr. Romano said.

“These people, they forgave their own persecutors, like Jesus on the cross. This is the strength of love,” he said.

As a priest, Fr. Romano said that he is challenged daily by the memory of the martyrs preserved in the basilica. “The martyrs are questioning us as to the level of our coherence, the level of our commitment, the level of our spirituality,” he said.

“It is quite a challenge because first of all I knew one of them personally,” he explained. Romano was friends with Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi, a parish priest in Palermo, who was murdered for speaking out against the mafia in 1993. His beatification “was a turning point in Sicily, for the whole society,” Romano said.

Recently, the basilica acquired the breviary of Fr. Jacques Hamel, who was killed in 2016 by ISIS terrorists in France while celebrating Mass.

“It is a story which continues,” Romano said.

On July 15, the basilica will host the launch of an independent review into the global persecution of Christians by the UK government, hosted by the UK Embassy to the Holy See.

At the event, Iraqi Cardinal Louis Sako of the Chaldean Catholic Church and representatives from Pakistan and Nigeria will speak of the persecution their communities have endured in recent years.

“As John Paul II said, freedom of religion is the basic freedom. Without it, there is no freedom at all. If you deny freedom of religion, you deny all the other freedoms,” Fr. Romano said.

The story of the basilica’s dedication to the “new martyrs” began with St. John Paul II, Romano explained.

“John Paul II was a friend of many martyrs … he lived through the persecution of the Second World War by the Nazi regime and then the Communist persecution,” he said.

In 1998, Pope John Paul II established the Commission for the New Martyrs of the Great Jubilee, giving them the task “not only to document Catholic martyrs, but also protestant and Orthodox, saying in the blood of the martyrs, the Church is already united. There was this vision of the ecumenicism of the blood.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 23, 2019

Tuesday (Moderated) Open Thread (072319)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items which they believe need to be known. Rules are here.


Positivity: Chick-fil-A manager helps WWII veteran fix flat tire after he walks into store nearly in tears

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From Maryland (in full due to brevity; video at link):

July 12, 2019 02:48 PM

While he was taking orders in a Maryland Chick-Fil-A, manager Daryl Howard was approached by a 96-year-old World War II veteran — who frequents the restaurant about twice a week — with an unexpected request. The veteran, known by staff as “Mr. Lee,” walked into the establishment nearly in tears and said that he had a flat tire. Mr. Lee was able to park the vehicle, but needed help in order to be able to drive.

Rudy Somoza, another store manager, told CNN that, “[Mr. Lee] was shaking, almost in tears saying he barely made it to the store on three tires because one was bad.”

After hearing the veteran’s request, Howard immediately hit the ground running to help the man. The tire change took Howard 15 minutes, but he was unaware his co-manager took photos of his act of compassion.

“His action of kindness was beautiful. Daryl has always been so helpful to anyone in need and deserves this recognition,” Somoza said. “I thank God I was in the right position to be a witness of this touching moment.”

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 22, 2019

Monday (Moderated) Open Thread (072219)

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Positivity: Hugh Jackman Stops Performing in the Middle of Concert To Help Fan Propose to Girlfriend

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From St. Paul, Minnesota:

Published July 2, 2019 at 9:38am

Hugh Jackman of “Logan” and “The Greatest Showman” fame has become a household name over the years. However, Jackman is one of those stars who isn’t above recognizing and appreciating his fans.

Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, are dedicated to using their celebrity status to help others. The Broadway singer and actor has even taken to social media to speak out against bullying.

Recently, the world-famous actor stopped everything during his live show to change the lives of two long-time fans.

Sanaa Ahmed, 24 years old, has been a fan of Jackman’s since she was just 5 years old. According to the Daily Mail, her boyfriend, 25-year-old Joe Kripal, gifted her VIP tickets to Jackman’s “The Man. The Music. The Show.” performance for Christmas.

TRENDING: Cop Visits Doughnut Shop on Wedding Day. But Walks in Door to Find Three-Year-Old Blacked out From Seizure

Secretly, Kripal wondered if he could take the gift a step further. Without telling Ahmed, he sent the “Wolverine” star an email in the hopes that he would help Kripal pop an important question.

“I had already been planning on proposing for a while but thought I’d take a complete shot in the dark by reaching out,” Kripal told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal.

Although hopeful, Kripal never really expected to receive a response. He was surprised when he heard back from the actor, who promised to help out with the proposal.

“I couldn’t believe my luck when I got the response and not sharing the exciting news with her was super difficult!” Kripal said. “I had to share with my other friends, some of which didn’t believe that I actually heard back.”

However, Kripal never expected Jackman to go to such great lengths to make their special moment unforgettable. When the couple attended the show in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jackman stopped the entire performance for them.

Kripal posted the following moments in a YouTube video. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

July 21, 2019

Sunday (Moderated) Open Thread (072119)

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Positivity: Good Samaritan Drives 1,250 Miles To Rescue Stranded Family

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From Gippsdale, Tennant, and Darwin, Australia:

Published July 12, 2019 at 1:33pm

Life is full of joys and disappointments, and handling each of those situations with grace and poise is what builds good character. Even the most resolute person can still experience disappointment, though, and the younger you are the more difficult it can be to deal with that disappointment.

The Melrose family is from Gippsland, Australia. The two Melrose daughters, aged 8 and 10, had spent the entire previous year honing their skills as they prepared for the national minnow sailing championships.

As they crossed Australia from Gippsland to Darwin with their two small boats towed behind them, they experienced a major setback: their car broke down.

After covering over 1,800 miles, they were stranded in Tennant Creek — nearly 600 miles short of their goal. Without a miracle, it looked like their countless hours of training and high hopes were set to be dashed.

Hearing of their plight, ABC Darwin decided to send out a call for help on social media, to see if any caring soul would be willing to reverse the situation for the family.

“Daryn Melrose and his family are stuck in Tennant Creek after their car broke down — and they need your help to get to Darwin!” they posted. “Their two daughters aged 8 and 10 need to get here in time for the National Sailing Championships this Sunday.

“Are you headed to Darwin through Tennant Creek today or tomorrow? Or know someone who is? They need someone who can tow their small trailer and offer a lift into town.

“If you can help let us know and we’ll put you in contact with the Melroses!”

Rodney Sims in Darwin spotted the post and generously volunteered his services. He was prepared to make the trek out and back, totaling nearly 1,250 miles, just to rescue a family he didn’t even know — but there was a reason behind his seemingly spontaneous kindness.

“About 30 years ago, strangely enough, I was in a similar situation with a broken-down car and someone helped me out,” he told ABC Darwin. “This was my time to give back.”

With just three days to go until the competition, time was running short. So out he went, until he met up with the Melroses, picked them up and connected their trailer to his vehicle.

“He drove all the way down to us, hooked up the trailer, and drove us all the way back to Darwin,” said Daryn.

“My daughters and I could not be more grateful for his efforts. They got here on time and are hoping for podium finishes after their competitions. Territory folk are incredibly special.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.