April 20, 2005

Bankruptcy “Reform” (B-”R”) Primer

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Update–April 26, 10:30 AM ET: You know, not everything relating to bankruptcy legislation is about the money. It’s also about dreams deferred or destroyed, or worse (original CNN story is here).

Update–April 25, 12:45 PM ET: Welcome Volokh Conspirators and thanks to Todd Zywicki for the link. While B-”R” has been a recent focus obsession, there are other worthwhile contributions to the dialog (in my not so humble opinion) here, as well as some info and pointers that can benefit you personally.

Update–April 20, 3PM ET: Caught the end of the President’s speech before he signed B-”R”. Harped on “serial filers” and “bankruptcy mills.” Don’t know whether he made better arguments earlier; those two were weak. So, assuming the pen wasn’t out of ink, it’s law.

Some matters below didn’t get addressed (in which case no underlined link exists), but I’ll keep the ones I intend to get to on the list. I think we may be facing serious economic issues relating to the credit explosion (which despite the claims of B-”R” supporters, IS a related issue), and will be exploring that in the coming weeks.

This will be the controlling post for all the information you need about B-”R”. It has or will have links to all major issues and topics addressed before and after the bill’s passage.

Here is the menu of topics addressed so far:

    - Bankruptcy “Reform” Declares War on Bankruptcy Bar
    - President Bush: Veto Bankruptcy “Reform”
    - Bankruptcy “Reform”: The “Fraud” Canard, Today’s Word Games, and Tomorrow’s Word Games
    - The Legality of Bankruptcy “Reform” — “What About the Word “All” Don’t You Understand?
    - The Harsh Real-World Impact of the Bankruptcy “Reform” Means Test (summary)
    - The B-”R” Means Test:
    Part 1: What’s Wrong with Its Definition of “Income”
    Part 2: What’s Wrong with Its Definition of “Statewide Median Income”
    Part 3: What’s Wrong with How It Handles “Expenses”
    Some 2005 Cost Increases Bankruptcy “Reform” Will Ignore
    - House Judiciary staff Dems “leak” Objections to B-”R”–and Make Some Conservative Points
    - The Shameful Disinterest of AARP and the AFL-CIO
    - Bankruptcies are going down–A Lot

Here are the older posts that led up to the primer:

    - The Bankruptcy Debate: A Question of Values
    - Pro-”Reform” Prof: Bankruptcy is “Easy”
    - Prof. Zywicki’s View on Rising Bankruptcies
    - Why Both Professor Zywicki and the Bankruptcy Legislation Are Wrong
    - Deconstructing Todd Zywicki’s “Bankrupt Criticisms”: Talking Points Summary; Detail Part 1; Detail Part 2
    - SmartMoney.com Column: “Look Out Debtors”
    - Open Letter to Todd Zywicki on Bankruptcy “Reform”
    - The Bankruptcy Debate: Interest Costs Have RISEN, Despite Falling Rates: Original and Follow-up


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    Tom has been p…

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  2. It’s a bit late for this, but…

    If anyone wants to see the bankruptcy act shredded very effectively, read this guy’s stuff.

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