April 23, 2005

This Weekend’s Unanswered Questions (TWUQs for 042305)

Another installment in an irregular series of mysteries and pseudo-mysteries this inquiring mind would like to have answers for:

  • Why hasn’t anyone pointed out that to the extent that Congress, as it has since the 1960s, takes Social Security’s annual surpluses and uses them to help operate the rest of the government, it is regressively taxing those who are paying into Social Security? A middle-income earner pays in 12.4% of all earnings, while a million-dollar earner only pays in 12.4% of the first $90,000 earned.
  • How has the fantasy that it’s mostly spendthrifts and wastrels who file for bankruptcy, as typified by this mindless poll, where only two available answers make this assumption about EVERYONE who files, survived in the face of these, this, and this?
  • How is it that anyone who gets my name or some amount of personal information from me as a result of a business transaction has the presumptive right to store that information and use it without asking me? Buying something at Radio Shack or any other store should not automatically subject me to their weekly mailings; they should have to ask first, and get a “yes” from me. I’m not a grouch (okay, sometimes I’m a grouch)–sometimes I’d welcome it, usually I won’t. The point is that I should be able to decide that.

UPDATE: Vodkapundit rips Radio Shack for wanton privacy intrusion after seeing Lileks rip Best Buy for the same reason. Great minds……


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