May 5, 2005

HoJo Blogging Links of the Day

Now there’s a blog entry title you probably haven’t seen.

You know the Internet has permeated nearly every nook and cranny of everyday life when an aged Howard Johnson’s Motel in rural North Carolina has hi-speed cable wireless.

Anyway, not much time for extended entries but a few things worth noting:

  • Data Thefts and Losses Across America: Here’s one relating to AmeriTrade from a couple of weeks ago (if I missed it, and I’m surprised I did, you probably did too), and a more recent one that may explain why your cable guy may be in a bad mood.
  • General Motors, whose troubles I blogged on last week (which, I will shamelessly note, was a few days before George Will and Rush weighed in), got an unkind cut today from the bond markets. Well, at least they didn’t call their vehicles junk. (May 6, 9PM ET Update: Meant to type “GM and Ford” and was away from the Net for most of the past 24 hours, and couldn’t fix–apologies for appearing to pick on GM only, which was not intended)
  • Intel does well, and plans to do more, forecasting revenue growth of more than 10%. To me that means Larry Kudlow’s general optimism about the economy (and related disaffection with how it is being covered, which I commented on here) is closer to reality than the sky-is-falling brigade (note the article date is 8 months ago–there was no “soft patch.” (Hat Tip to an e-mailer contributor whose missive I inadvertently lost for the Economist piece–it’s hard to get good help these days)