May 16, 2005

Links of the Day (051605)

In the continued light blogging situation, I offer up these tasty nuggets of Net-based info:

  • Amy Ridenour notes that Robert Wexler can’t make up his mind about Social Security’s soundness (or lack thereof).
  • Most of us feel that at least some of the taxes we pay are horse manure, and they are too often spent on ideas that are full of horse manure, but now it appears that Britain is going to tax horse manure (literally; also note the great article title). I will helpfully suggest that taxing the horse manure content of parliamentary debates would yield more revenue for the British Treasury.
  • Wizbang notes that for the Kennedys, taxes are, in the immortal words of Leona Helmsley, for “only the little people,” but not for people as important as them. I can’t help but be amazed at the relative media silence on these types of “oversights” vs. the kerfuffle over Tom Delay. The only meaningful links I have found are here (thanks to Wiz) and here. Note that the NY Times and LA Times appear to be missing in action.