May 20, 2005

Links of the Day (052005)

Filed under: Business Moves,Economy,General — Tom @ 10:38 pm

Okay, I promise not to get political. Here are interesting biz-related links for today:

  • Add Hyundai to the list of foreign-based carmakers with plants in America (specifically in Montgomery, Alabama).
  • A merger of two weak airlines that appears to make quite a bit of sense.
  • The stock markets had their best week since November. Stocks are typically leading economic indicators, which may mean the good times will continue.
  • Sorry, I just can’t resist. Why should I care about whether a mass-murderer of 300,000 (second-last paragraph) is seen in his undies? And then the bastard wants to sue? Heck, Saddie, you can get $100 mil for your so-called embarrassment in return for at least 100 grand per victim from your Swiss bank accounts. That nets out to $29.9 billion, by certified check only.

UPDATE: Thanks to Radio Equalizer for the kind words (about halfway down his post). RadioE had a great post on the Newsweek debacle earlier this week, and some predictions about the reaction to it that have turned out to be pretty accurate so far.