May 27, 2005

This Weekend’s Unanswered Questions (TWUQs for 052805)

Filed under: Business Moves,Taxes & Government,TWUQs — Tom @ 10:05 pm

Another installment in a nearly-regular series of mysteries and pseudo-mysteries this inquiring mind would like to have answers for (some links included may require free registration):

  • When are the big airlines going to get their manners back?It seems to me that if you have a guest in your “house” for hours you at least offer them a small free snack. Not at Northwest.
  • Who will be the first company to figure out that this idea ought to be an employee benefit?Or perhaps companies would rather let their employees continue to make dumb 401(k) moves.
  • Why is anyone surprised at the federal government’s multi-$100 billion annual deficits when both parties are discussing spending money on this?The national debt as of May 26, 2005 was $7,781,373,341,944. And 80 cents.