June 9, 2005

2nd District (OH) Race: The McEwen Connections, Part 1–
Who is Advantage Associates, Inc?

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Part 4: Those “Self-Employed” Contributors
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Note: One of the central issues voters face in the 2nd District GOP Primary is whether the candidate selected, if he or she is the ultimate winner August 2, will represent the interests of the 2nd district or the interests of someone else. Accordingly, BizzyBlog has investigated, to the extent possible within the constraints of a fulltime business and the compressed primary election time frame, what Bob McEwen has been up to in the 12 years since he left Congress.

Advantage Associates, Inc. (AAI) is “a team of former Members of the United States Congress.” Their home page proclaims their (self-) importance: “Because no one knows the way around Capitol Hill better than those who have previously served in Congress.

What does AAI do for their clients? (bolds are mine: content slightly edited with no changes in substance)


Members of the ADVANTAGE team are well known to their former Congressional colleagues and their staffs. They have excellent working relationships with members of both the House and Senate. Because of their years of working in Washington, they also have high-level contacts within the Executive Branch that can be used to assist their client’s.

Let’s face it: your important message will never produce results unless you gain access to those key policy makers who need to hear it. With ADVANTAGE, you know they will hear it.

Access … an ADVANTAGE available to those who have earned the privilege.


Members of ADVANTAGE know how policies are shaped because they’ve shaped them. They know how to get things done in Washington because they’ve been there. They understand how to work with government agencies because they have done so effectively in the past.

ADVANTAGE members have experience on the state, national and global levels. They have first-hand knowledge of the policies and protocols at each of these levels.

Experience … an ADVANTAGE that saves you time and resources.


Just as seasons change, so do the decision-makers in Washington and the partisan balance of power. The ADVANTAGE team includes Republicans and Democrats from across the ideological spectrum who have proven they can overcome the obstacles sometimes caused by partisan politics.

What is important to the clients of ADVANTAGE is our team’s ability to work effectively with elected officials from both parties.

Bipartisan representation … an ADVANTAGE that crosses party lines in order to achieve results for you.


ADVANTAGE team members have excellent connections with foreign leaders and governments. As members of Congress, they represented U.S. interests abroad, meeting foreign dignitaries and became acquainted with the personnel of U.S. embassies worldwide. They learned how to cut through foreign bureaucracies and complex trade laws.

These trusted friendships now help the ADVANTAGE team provide our clients with access to an important network worldwide.

Global connections … a key to opening doors around the globe … and a distinct ADVANTAGE for you.

Indeed. So who is on The Team? It is indeed bi-partisan, with mostly Republicans and a few Democrats (McEwen’s bio is here).

Conservatives should be quite intrigued to know that one of the former Democrat congressmen at AAI is none other than Ron Dellums, who has, shall we say, a bit of a radical past:

Page 15: Ron Dellums, Shearer and IPS: According to media quotes….Dellums is known as an “openly avowed Marxist” who is “a part of a Marxist coalition that decided the way to change the U.S. was to infiltrate and work from inside the power structure.” Additionally. Dellums raised funds for the pro-Marxist publication, The Guardian, and opened his congressional office to the Salvadoran Communist Party – helping them form the CISPES (communist front-Ed.) group – which was largely responsible for promoting the communist insurgency in El Salvador which killed thousands.

Dellums has received U.S. Communist Party dignitaries in his Washington office and has personally accepted a commendation from U.S. Communist Party boss Gus Hall. Also, one of Dellums’ staffers is the former business manager of People’s Daily World, the Communist Party USA’s West Coast newspaper.

When Ron Dellums was appointed to the House Intelligence Committee, which is privy to some of our most sensitive intelligence and military secrets, Human Events, wrote: “The Dellums selection is a first-rate national security scandal.” [Editorial note (from Devvy Kidd, the author]: ……I have followed Comrade Dellums for more than a dozen years – this individual’s communist activities are an outrage!]

Who are their clients? (bolds are mine)

ADVANTAGE represents a wide array of clients who need assistance in dealing with the federal government and international entities. Our clients have included:
• Companies of both national and international scope who face political and commercial challenges in Washington and throughout the nation.
• Companies that wish to improve their government market share in both the civilian and military sectors.
• U.S. companies that want to expand into the global marketplace but need help opening governmental doors in foreign lands.
• Foreign countries and companies that want to improve their relations and expand trade opportunities with the United States.
• Health care entities and hospitals seeking to stay ahead of federal action that could impact their operations.
• Defense contractors working to strengthen America’s military and technological power.

In today’s challenging commercial and political arenas, it is not easy to achieve these goals. But — because ADVANTAGE is associated with firms international in scope and capability — we provide our clients with the effective tools needed to succeed.

And besides the former Congressmen, who are AAI’s “associates” (bottom half of Team page)? Lest this post turn into a book, I would encourage you to read the bios yourself. I’ll focus on just one: Jenny (Jin) Guo:

Jenny Guo has the specialized knowledge to help Advantage clients open and expand avenues for trade opportunities with the People’s Republic of China.

A native of Beijing, Ms. Guo is a former trade official with the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Because of these strong connections and friendships, she continues to work closely with leading PRC officials. A respected expert in the fields of finance and trade, Ms. Guo serves as a trade mission specialist between U.S. and Chinese companies.

Ms. Guo makes frequent trips to the Washington area in order to work closely with the other Advantage team members and clients.

So here are what I believe are legitimate questions Second District voters need answers to regarding Bob McEwen and AAI:

  • Why is Bob McEwen still from all appearances an active member of “The Team” at AAI?
  • Is McEwen still receiving paychecks or distributions from AAI?
  • If elected, will Bob McEwen pay more attention to his AAI team members with their magical “access” than he will to “ordinary constituent” concerns?
  • If elected, will Bob McEwen take advantage of his status, especially with his grandfathered seniority on The Rules Committee, to grant favors to his AAI team members and their clients? How will we ever know?
  • Will McEwen refer business to AAI if elected, and if so, will he be compensated in any way for doing so?
  • Do conservatives have reason to be concerned that he will carry into office AAI’s desire to “overcome the obstacles sometimes caused by partisan politics,” to the detriment of key conservative agenda items?
  • Considering the presence of Mr. Dellums on The Team, and the biographies of certain AAI Associates, should we be concerned that AAI, as long as the money is right, is directly or indirectly assisting anti-American activities around the world in any way?
  • Considering the presence of Ms. Guo and her Chinese communist connections, is AAI, again if the money is right, compromising the livelihoods of American workers by assisting in the expansion of trade with China?

The fact is, though the questions are fair, we cannot possibly know the answers until Bob McEwen enters Congress. Because of McEwen’s probable presence on The Rules Committee and the unfortunate fact that provisions sometimes get inserted into legislation in the “dead of night,” we may never know.

At a minimum, voters should realize that McEwen’s years of experience with AAI make his selection to Congress a huge gamble, and that most, if not all, of his opponents, do not have his potential for insider-connection conflicts.

UPDATE: GOP Influential e-mails and has a problem with McEwen’s “blatant” use of “Congressman” in his AAI bio. In fact, every single paragraph begins with “Congressman McEwen…..” (does he realize he isn’t one?). Upon further review, I find this “inside connection” sentence at the bio quite annoying: “Congressman McEwen brings to Advantage his knowledge and insider’s experience of knowing what it takes to get legislation approved or blocked.” Yeah, I can just imagine “what it takes.”

UPDATE 2: Candidate Eric Minamyer comments on 4-candidate interview he was involved at the Dayton Daily News where the interviewer grilled McEwen about AAI. Check out the answers that were dragged out of Bob at the bottom of Part 2.



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