June 15, 2005

2nd Congressional District (OH) GOP Primary: Winners and Losers, Part 1

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Digesting the meaning of the 2nd District Primary Results, who gained, and who lost (go here for Part 2):

(click “more” if you’re on the home page to read about the first batch of winners and losers)

Winners: Every single resident of The 2nd District. No matter who wins on August 2, we will be represented by someone who lives with us, works with us, has integrity, and will effectively represent us (yes, even a Democrat can do that).

Winners (again): Every single resident of The 2nd District. A McEwen victory would have forced BizzyBlog to fully research and verify a great deal of information that was held back because it could not be corroborated in the short amount of time available, and which would have made what has been blogged in the past three weeks look like child’s play. We’ve been spared.

Losers: The A-list country-club Republicans who sent $1 million down the DeWine sinkhole. Though it’s tempting, writing DeWine’s political obit is premature. Quiet, effective service as a Hamilton County Commissioner for a few years could change a lot of people’s minds (Cunningham said almost exactly the same thing in the same broadcast where he conducted his interviews with the winners).

Losers: The political wing of the local right-to-life movement. Though they tried to cover their tracks, it was obvious to anyone close to the situation that they were part of the arrangement to coronate Bob McEwen. In the process, they disrespected the three strongest local prolife candidates: DeWine, who they incredibly (in hindsight) saw as unbeatable without bringing in McEwen, and who they thought had to be kicked off the island because of his divorce, no matter what; and both Brinkman and Schmidt, whose prolife records are virtually unmatched. They also pretended that other fine people who ended up in the bottom tier didn’t matter, even though their prolife positions and records were impeccable. I will take future RTL endorsements with huge grains of salt until I see a little more integrity in the process, and a full explanation of why endorsements are made. I’m not holding my breath.

Losers: Any Republican who doesn’t immediately get over his or her bitterness and throw their support to Jean Schmidt. I did not vote for her and I’ll tell you why: I did not appreciate her apparent belief that we should elect her because she is a prolife woman. I thought it was unfair to the fine men who are every bit as prolife as she is. She could have emphasized her work in the movement as being superior to the others without playing the gender card. But you know what? I’m over it. Like as of 10:01. Bob McEwen immediately threw his support to her, and in light of how bitter the defeat must be, you have to give him props for that.

Winners (at least for the next 7 weeks): District Democrats. Yes, they were outvoted 3-1, and yes they have an uphill fight, but they managed to nominate a candidate who isn’t a raving MoveOn “Bush is the source of all evil” moonbat. Given the state of the national Democrat party, that’s an accomplishment. District Dems won’t have to explain away somebody’s nuttiness for the next 7 weeks (Note: See Cunningham interviews with its reference to Cincinnati Post quote of Hackett about Bush for early indications that Hackett may not be moonbat-free after all).

Loser: Anthony Munoz. Anthony, you’ve been a great athlete, you appear to be an awesome father, and a model citizen, so I had to restrain myself these past three weeks, but now I can say it–Y’know how you feel about Stanley Wilson and the 1989 Super Bowl? Well a lot of us feel the same way about the 1992-1993 Ohio version of Bob McEwen, and then learned (even outside of the residency issue) that we should still feel the same way about the 1993-2005 Beltway Bob. Next time you lend your precious credibility to a politician, do your freaking homework. (ADDENDUM: Anthony, if you think you have a career in politics, you’re going to have to show a lot of us that you won’t be manipulated the way you clearly were this time.)

Winner: The Enquirer. They endorsed Schmidt, which appears to have simultanously ended any chances DeWine might have had and neutralized McEwen’s hopes of taking Hamilton County. Anyone who doubted that their endorsement is still important has been proven sadly mistaken. A lot of people were wondering aloud why The Enquirer was supporting the candidate who was at best in fourth place. Oops.

Loser: The Dayton Daily News. Speaking of fourth place, how often does a newspaper endorse a distant fourth-place finisher (DeWine)? The DDN mailed in their endorsement without any thought, perhaps reflexively defended Pat’s dad for his filibuster “moderation” (their view, not mine), and paid for it. They also sat on information (see Update at bottom of link) they learned about Bob McEwen during candidate interviews about his lobbying firm’s heavy involvement with foreign entities and governments that District voters really should have known about.

Near-losers: The people at the FEC, whose rules can be abused in a compressed primary process. Bob McEwen may have been unethical (actually, WAS unethical) when he arranged it so that his personal-financial disclosures would not come out until the day after the primary election, but he did not violate the law and the FEC regs. Change the law and regulations, guys. My guess is you only have to tweak the regs. You guys dodged a major bullet, because I believe many voters would have not liked what they would have seen in McEwen’s financial disclosures, and would have felt hoodwinked.

There are more winners and losers in Part 2.



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