August 2, 2005

Precinct Report 2 (in Warren Co.)

Filed under: OH-02 US House — Tom @ 7:00 pm

Just returned from my voting precinct again (no, David Woodruff, I didn’t vote again). The total this time was about 81 votes with 40 minutes to go, vs. in the low 40s in the June primary.

It looks like the nearly-double scenario held for my precinct. Two or three other precincts vote at the same location, and I’m told their turnout may have more than doubled.

As noted before, I would think that would be better news for Schmidt than for Hackett.

I’m out until live-blogging begins at about 8:00 PM. E-mail me if you have a specific results link for the dingalings at the Warren County BOE.


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