August 8, 2005

If It’s Monday, There Must Be At Least Three Obvious New York Times Errors, Omissions, or Hilarities to Report

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AIR AMERICA Updates and Directions Section:
(welcome Hugh Hewitt and Barone Blog fans!)

August 13, 1:15 PM: Big updates today:
- Radio Equalizer: The Times corrects of a key Al Franken misquote, Brian still sees big holes in the Times story, and adds a reader’s scathing letter to The Times that I fearlessly predict won’t make it into the paper.
- Michelle Malkin on the story finally getting wide distribution.
- Powerline publishes another letter to The Times that you can rest assured will not be “fit to print.”

August 13, 12:15 PM: Hugh Hewitt suggested that New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer could use some help, as his intrepid gumshoes seem to be stuck at The Gloria Wise Foundation’s Executive Offices, and appear not to have made it over to Air America yet. So as a public service to Mr. Spitzer, here are directions for the 15.22-mile trip from Gloria Wise to AAR’s place at 3 Park Avenue.

August 12, 4 PM: The Times piece on AAR (requires registration) is thoroughly inadequate. Brian at Radio Equalizer tells you why, even beyond Michelle’s updated take that began last night. SOOOO…… A quick bump to the top for AAR’s address/phone number, and directions from The Times to AAR’s Headquarters for the constantly arriving Barone Blog and Hugh Hewitt readers. Scroll down just a little for e-mail and phone contacts at The Times.

August 11, 11:45 PM: Michelle nothing-gets-by-her Malkin notes The Times’ first piece on AAR (requires registration) for tomorrow’s paper, is underwhelmed, detects some clever revisions to previous comments made by Al Franken, and (on August 12) notes that a reference to her posting on the topic got edited out later.

And what’s with the headline “Bronx Boys Club’s Finances Investigated,” when the charity involved is the “Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club” (second para)?

August 11, about 3 PM: Welcome Radio Equalizer fans and (8 PM) Barone Blog readers. This post covers four recent Times botches, of which ignoring the Air America Radio (AAR) scandal is only one. Item 3 below has more detail.

Since Brian has suggested e-mailing AAR’s address and directions to The Times, try or Public Editor Byron Calame at Mr. Calame’s phone number is 212-566-7652 (please be civil). More contact info (probably requires registration) is here.

Do this search (requires registration) to verify that the AAR news blackout at The Times continues continued until the August 12 print edition. (Added 8:45 PM) Here’s another search on “Gloria Wise” (requires registration; HT The Larsonian) that shows no news relating to the foundation for over 2 years until the dam broke in the August 12 print edition.

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Indeed, there are four, and none have anything to do with the adoption records of a Supreme Court nominee’s children:

1. Overdependence Debunked

EU Rota (HT Instapundit) catches The Times article “Why America Is More Dependent Than Ever on Saudi Arabia” (link requires registration) graphically and factually ignoring the reality that our imports from Saudi Arabia are down as a percentage of our total needs by about 50% in the past 14 years, made up for by imports from other countries (Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, etc.).

So while the United States is importing a higher percentage of its total energy requirements, the imports are spread out among a number of different countries, making our vulnerability to any single country that might decide it’s in a bad mood (Exhibit A-Venezuela) lower. Drilling in ANWR to keep the overall level of dependency under control and continuing to spread out the oil imports among multiple sources sounds like a plan to me.

2. High French Unemployment and Slower Growth Are NOT Good Things, Mr. Krugman

Don Luskin at gets a hilarious e-mail from a reader who, in light of this past Friday’s employment report, beats up on “economist” Paul Krugman’s sentimential yearning for economic conditions like those currently found in France:

Oh, how disappointing today’s employment report. An additional 207,000 jobs were created in the month of July. What does that mean? It means 207,000 less people spending time at home watching “Oprah.” It means 207,000 less people staying home spending “quality” time with the family …… Each passing month takes the US farther and farther away from the utopian French model of high unemployment and “quality” family time together. Oh how I despise the free-market, capitalist pigs that inhabit this country. As more and more jobs are created, the less and less time we get to spend with our families watching soap operas and game shows on random weekday mornings and afternoons.

In other entries, Mr. Luskin points out that France is suffering a brain drain, is an employment graveyard for anyone over 50 who loses their job (same link as previous item), has a higher suicide rate, and has occasions where large numbers of the elderly die in heat waves (almost 15,000 in 2003) due to lack of air conditioning and “chronically insufficient care for the elderly” (quoted text is from USA Today link).

Perhaps Mr. Krugman should spend a few months living in France under average conditions and give us a full report. It may even be that the soap operas and talk shows aren’t as good.

3. Air WHAT?

Even New York gubernatorial candidate and current NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer has figured out that he had better show up and get involved (link requires registration) with the disgraceful $800,000-plus “situation” between Air America Radio (AAR) and the Gloria Wise Foundation. The Cliff’s Notes version is this: Air America, its officials, or its ex-officials are in possession of the money, and shouldn’t be; The Foundation doesn’t have the money, and should.

The latest is here from Radio Equalizer, who broke the story, and Michelle Malkin.

It’s a good thing they and others in the blogosphere are on it. Over at The Times, a Sunday afternoon search on “Air America” (requires registration) has no entry more recent than June 15, the same situation as when the scandal first broke almost two weeks ago, even though AAR’s headquarters is a 5-minute cab ride away. “Journalists” at The Times–if you need a little help getting there from your place, here are directions.

4. Military Heroism Not Reported–Uh, Whose Fault Is That?

In an almost unimaginable self-parody (link requires registration). This one’s too easy and obvious for a detailed fisking.

Among the many weighing in on the absurdity are Mudville Gazette (with numerous examples of heroism at the site, and links to many others at other sites), ShrinkWrapped (HT Instapundit), and Phil Hendrie (soldiers aren’t “kids”; HT Tim Blair).

NYT stock, as would be expected, continues to tread water.

UPDATE: A week-long litany of Heroes from the War on Terror begins today at You Big Mouth You. Unsurprisingly, there’s no shortage of material.



  1. NYT’s Most Recent Mention of Gloria Wise

    Here is, as of 1750 CDT, the most recent mention in the New York Times of the Gloria Wise organization.

    For those who don’t want to register to see the archive, it is dated June 8, 2003. Here’s the portion that it hit on…

    Trackback by The Larsonian — August 11, 2005 @ 6:59 pm

  2. There’s been a development of sorts. Tomorrows Times is going to have the story–a rehash of the blog info, mainly–in their NY/Region section. (Michelle Malkin of the keen eye spotted it first… the story doesn’t show up in the search yet, she must have browsed for it.)

    Comment by eLarson — August 11, 2005 @ 11:12 pm

  3. #2-Noted and updated above. I love how the Times massages Franken’s quote (and of course Michelle catches it). To be “fair,” AAR might have massaged it in a transcript and The Times may not have listened to the original.

    Comment by TBlumer — August 11, 2005 @ 11:48 pm

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