August 22, 2005

Marvels of the Day: Taming Light, Nanotube Sheets

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Every once in a while, it’s good to step back and marvel with childlike awe at amazing technological breakthroughs when they occur. This is one of those days. Two items that caught my attention not only have awesome potential to change the world for the better, but it looks like their potential can be realized pretty quickly, not decades from now.

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They’re Blogging about What I’ve Blogged About, So I Don’t Have to Blog About It Again

On Mainstream Media resistance to reporting good economic news (previously here, here, here, and many more):

  • Betsy Newmark, guest blogging at Michelle Malkin, is tired of the Mainstream Media badmouthing the economy, and goes to The Wall Street Journal and the Media Research Center for the statistically stunning proof of the slant.
  • After hearing for so many years about how the consumer has been carrying the economy, it’s especially gratifying to see Willisms report very good news about business investment.

On the Victimization of the Kelo 7 (previously here, with backlash against the backlash here):

On Hollywood’s box-office struggles (previously here):


UPDATE: Yet another previously blogged about topic (over three months ago here and here, and more recently here), the post-presidential election decline of talk radio:

  • Instapundit plays center field for a lot of other posts and comments.
  • Kaus catches Rush’s and Hannity’s decline in Minneapolis. Rush is cleverly reminding us that he is whipping the talk-radio competition everywhere, but he’s neglecting to note that his audience is down at least 10% nationwide. Hannity is down similarly, if not more. Exceptions to the downward trend include Michael Savage and Glenn Beck, who are in my opinion bucking the trend because they’re greatly reducing their head-on discussions of politics.
  • Ann Althouse definitely buys the “people are tired of politics” meme, and notes that it goes for established conservatives and fledgling liberals.