August 26, 2005

Correction: Bob McEwen’s Condo Is Not For Sale

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A very informed source tells me this, which is contrary to “my understanding” noted near the end (in the last bullet) of this previous post. The incorrect understanding apparently arose from the fact that another condo in the same building is for sale.

I communicated “my understanding” based on a Project Logic post that he proactively brought to my attention, and sincerely regret the error. I’m tentatively assuming that Project Logic’s error was inadvertent, but am attempting to confirm, and will update if I learn anything new.

It remains an open question as to whether McEwen, who in his concession speech on the night of the 2nd Congressional District Primary said that politics is “in my blood,” is or will be spending the majority of his time in Ohio or Virginia. My bet is Virginia for a lot of reasons, this being just one.

UPDATE: This county county real estate listing shows that the McEwens still own the condo, the address of which is listed at McEwen’s personal home page, and is therefore public information (i.e., no one’s privacy has been compromised).


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