August 26, 2005

Huggins Follow-up: Comparing Basketball Program Graduation Rates

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ORIGINAL POST: The Bob Huggins Situation

A commenter at the previous post on Bob Huggins’ firingmutual agreement to terminate” claimed that “(Nancy) Zimpher’s graduation rate for students and student athletes when she was … ‘chancellor’ of the University of Wisconsin is reportedly worse than that of UC (University of Cincinnati) and Huggins.”

The only available data in the graduation rates section of the NCAA’s web site is for players who began their college careers in the four academic years ending in 1997-1998 (i.e., ’94-’95, ’95-’96, ’96-’97, and ’97-’98). The fairest comparison would be for basketball players only. The data support the commenter’s claim for students who began their academic careers at each respective school (MIDDLE column):

UC Basketball:
Rows UCgrad
UWM Basketball:
Rows UWMgrad

So the score is UC 25%, UWM 15%. Go here if you want to have your head spin and see an Explanation of the rates.

No one has any bragging rights, as you’ll note that both schools had 0% for black “student-athletes.” But the obvious point is that the place Ms. Zimpher came from didn’t do any better than UC did under previous president Joseph Steger and Huggins, at least in the data I was able to find. So her talk about raising the bar at UC, when the bar, at least for black kids, was just sitting there on the ground at UWM, is a little hard to take, especially since she was Chancellor there for five years and could certainly have done something about it.

If anyone knows how to find more information than appears to be available at the NCAA web site, e-mail me.

UPDATE: Mike Meckler at (hey Mike, I remembered to link this time) says that while he can agree that the timing of Huggins’ firing was poor, he still thinks it needed to be done.

UPDATE 2: A WhistleBlower quote without a link: “Of the 65 teams that were in the 2005 NCAA Basketball Tournament, the institution with the lowest graduation rate for basketball players was the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, whose previous Chancellor was none other than Nancy Zimpher.”

UPDATE 3: An alphabetical list of schools the 2003 NCAA basketball tournament (corresponding with Zimpher’s last year there at UW-Milwaukee), and which appears to have been project at the University of Central Florida Business school, reveals the following:

University of Cincinnati:
All basketball players: 17%
African-American basketball players: 0%
All “student-athletes”: 53%

All basketball players: 14%
African-American basketball players: 0%
All “student-athletes”: 64%

Again, UW-Milwaukee basketball comes out a bit WORSE than UC.

Exactly when did Nancy Zimpher have an epiphany about “raising the bar”?

Or was UW-Milwaukee somehow not worthy of her bar-raising efforts? How does that make y’all feel in Beer City?

UPDATE 4: Only in America.


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  1. petition to save bob huggins and fire nancy zimpher

    Comment by Rev.Bill Barron — August 27, 2005 @ 5:58 pm

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