August 27, 2005

This Weekend’s Unanswered Questions (082705)

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Another installment in a nearly-regular series of mysteries and pseudo-mysteries (usually 3-4) this inquiring mind would like to have answers for (some links may require free registration)–This one should probably be filed under “How to alienate almost everyone in a single post”:

Click “more” to see the questions and discussion.

Congratulations To Weapons of Mass Discussion on their 2nd Blogaversary

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Well, that’s how they spelled it, so I’ll go with it.

Seriously, Matt and Mark, as one who has been at it for barely more than six months, two years is no mean feat, and probably puts you in the top 2% of blog seniority (ya feel old now?). I also like the new logo.

WMD was an early member of BizzyBlog’s Local Yokels blogroll, which is in a sense unfair, because they also do a great job commenting on national and international news. In fact, guys, I’ll move you to the primary blogroll if you’d prefer it. It’s a near-daily stop for me, is indeed one of the best blog names ever, and I highly recommend it to all.