August 29, 2005

Quote of the Day (082905): Victor Davis Hanson

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If you don’t like Victor Davis Hanson, you can only hope that what he says is ignored, because it cannot be refuted.

I first saw this in the “Other Comments” section of Forbes (scroll about halfway down):

If the Dead Could Talk

Indeed, if our dead could rise out of their graves they would surely rebuke us for our present blasphemy–shaking their fingers and remonstrating that Bin Laden and his followers, both active and passive, are no different from Hitler and the other evil killers of their own age, who deserve to be defeated, not reasoned with or apologized to, and not understood. The voices of our dead abroad murmur to us, the deaf, that a nation is liked not by being good and weak or bad and strong, but only by proving both principled and resolute.

– Victor Davis Hanson,
Hoover Institution, National Review Online


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