September 10, 2005

Thoughts on Louisiana’s (and Ohio’s) Gubernatorial Situations

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There have been, and will be, calls for the resignation of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco. I expect they will be ignored.


Is Someone in Louisiana Getting Nervous? The “” Domain

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SEPTEMBER 15 UPDATE: Ms. Stewart’s comment is at #6 below, and deservedly rips me and Paul at Wizbang for our assumptions (even though they weren’t final conclusions) about her motivations for registering the domain.

Ms. Stewart separately informed me a few days ago that she wants the domain used to gauge the degree of interest in pursuing electoral or legislative action against Ms. Blanco, that she is unable to manage the effort herself, and that she is open to reasonable offers for the domain. I would encourage anyone who is interested in testing the waters for a Blanco removal effort to consider purchasing the domain; if I lived in Louisiana instead of Ohio, I would consider buying it myself. I did not update my post to reflect her information, should have done so on Tuesday at the latest, and am sorry for not having done so.

Ms. Stewart, I am sincerely sorry for the false assumptions noted above, the assumption that you are the folklorist I linked to, and the otherwise sometimes harsh language in the post below, but in the interest of the record, and to remind myself that in the future I should go the last investigative mile if necessary before reaching any sort of conclusions, I’m going to leave the original post as is as an embarrassing monument to my haste.


Like, maybe, a certain Governor?

WhoIs Information about


Positivity: Sending Housing to Hurricane Victims

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In a longer LA Times article (requires registration) on offers of housing for evacuees, a great item–instead of bringing evacuees to housing (noble itself, of course), bring the housing to the evacuees:


This Weekend’s Unanswered Questions (091005): Special “What’s Up with Microsoft?” Edition

Another installment in a nearly-regular series of mysteries and pseudo-mysteries (usually 3-4) this inquiring mind would like to have answers for (some links included may require free registration):

Four questions that make you wonder whether the big guys at Microsoft have a handle on their business