October 8, 2005

Excerpt of the Day: On Conditions at Guantanamo Bay’s Prisons

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Mary Anastasia O’Grady in The Wall Street Journal (requires subscription):

Conditions at the prison at Guantánamo are inhumane. Inmates are deprived their right to religious worship, receive scant nutrition and suffer constant verbal and physical abuse from guards. It’s a humanitarian outrage.

I refer, of course, to Castro’s Guantánamo Provincial Prison in Cuba proper, the prison across the fence from the U.S. naval base compound holding the terrorists. Fidel’s lock-up makes the U.S. prison look like a five-star tropical resort.

Torture, deprivation and isolation of political prisoners at the “other” Guantánamo — or at any of Fidel’s gulags across the island — are no secret. They’ve been loudly denounced by prisoners’ families and reported by Cuba’s independent journalists. But foreign journalists have paid little attention. It seems they’re too busy shredding their hankies over whether enemy combatants at the naval base have enough honey glaze on their chicken.


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