October 28, 2005

Positivity: Kosovo family reunited

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A remarkable reunion indeed:

After seven years, Kosovo family reunited

A joyful reunion at the St. John’s airport Thursday brought together a mother and two sons who were separated by war in Kosovo seven years ago.

Hafize Cej and her son Remzi, who settled in St. John’s after fleeing the chaos of the war in Kosovo, have spent years since looking for Hafize’s son Adnan, who was sent to Turkey after war erupted in 1998.

Until last year, his family thought he was dead.

“I can’t explain my feeling,” Hafize Cej said, as she waited for her son to arrive.

“It’s like I’m going to explode.”

Before the war in Kosovo, Hafize Cej sent her son Adnan to Turkey.

Adnan Cej is almost deaf and has trouble communicating. His mother feared he could be kidnapped and used as a human shield, or could be drafted.

Hafize and Remzi Cej were driven out of Kosovo in 1999, and lived in refugee camps before coming to Canada in 2000.

Last year, Adnan Cej appeared on a current affairs television show in Turkey. That connection led to Thursday’s reunion.

“It feels incredible – it doesn’t feel real,” Remzi Cej said.

“I’m touching him right now, so I’m sure that … that it is him.”


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