October 29, 2005

Positivity: Reunion after a 4-Year Abduction

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A mother and child are reunited after spending four years apart:

Mother and child reunited after 2001 abduction

“I was scared to death. I didn’t know if i was ever going to get to see him again,” remembers Dana Smith.

It was October 2001, 18 month old Cameron Justin Smith found himself in the middle of a bitter custody battle.

Cameron went to visit his dad, Jerry Gene Smith and the two vanished.

“He was my first child and when he was taken away it was like taking my life away from me,” says Smith.

Four years went by and no word on the whereabouts of Cameron. That was until last week.

Cameron and his dad were found in Texas.

Now a big homecoming is planned and it’s just in time for Cameron’s 5th birthday.

“I don’t have to go through another birthday of you know crying while I took pictures of his cake without him here. He actually gets to be here this time,” says Smith.

Now Smith says she’s looking forward to getting to know her son once again. “I just wish i could have seen his first steps and his first words. They took a lot from me.”


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