November 2, 2005

It Should Not Be This Easy to Illustrate Liberal Hypocrisy

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But apparently it is.

A new book, “Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy” by Peter Schweizer, is Number 37 at Amazon as of 8PM tonight. Here are some examples of the the claims made, and apparently supported, by the author (paraphrased from the World Net Daily article):

  • In the recent past Michael Moore has owned and perhaps still owns the following, based on a Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses) federal individual income tax form obtained by the author — nearly 2,000 shares of Boeing, nearly 1,000 of Sonoco, more than 4,000 of Best Foods, more than 3,000 of Eli Lilly, more than 8,000 of Bank One, and (jaw dropping) more than 2,000 of Halliburton(!), the company most vilified by Moore in “Fahrenheit 9/11.”
  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proclaims her support for unions, yet the luxury resort, the vineyard and the restaurants she partly owns are strictly non-union. While she advocates tough new laws enforcing environmental regulations on the private sector, the exclusive country club she partly owns failed to comply with existing environmental regulations for the past eight years – including a failure to protect endangered species.
  • Barbra Streisand, another proponent of environmentalism, drives an SUV and lives in a mansion with a $22,000 annual water bill. In the past, she has driven to appointments in Beverly Hills in a motor home because of her aversion to using public bathrooms.
  • Ralph Nader plays the role of the citizen avenger – the populist uninterested in wealth and materialism, pretending to live in a modest apartment. In fact, he lives in fancy homes registered in the names of his siblings.

A few other easy examples come very easily to mind while I’m on this topic:

  • Moron I mean more on Ralph Nader (2nd last paragraph)–“In financial disclosure forms he filed when running for president, Nader revealed that throughout his years of corporation bashing he had over $3 million invested in stocks. During his lengthy career as a self appointed “consumer advocate,” he has lectured others about the evils of monopolists, corporate polluters and weapons makers. Among his recent holdings: router monopolist Cisco Systems, fossil fuel giant Occidental Petroleum, and missile manufacturer Raytheon. As he was holding press conferences to denounce high-profile corporate mergers of various stripes, he was personally invested in Exxon-Mobil, BP-Amoco, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.”
  • At a recent eco-summit in (where else?) San Francisco, The Sierra Club had the lovely and gracious (NOT) Arianna Huffington picked up and driven around in an SUV.
  • Pink-Collar Sweatshop labor–While on Ms. Huffington’s case, it’s worth noting that as of a couple of months ago the multimillionairess was using volunteers to moderate comments made at her HuffingtonPost blog. Not paying your people is a great business plan if you can pull it off.

Like I said, it shouldn’t be this easy. But it is.

Why? Per WND, the succinct bottom line is this:

….. when it comes to the things that matter most in our lives — protection of family, property, and privacy — even the most outspoken liberals jettison their progressive ideas and adopt conservative principles. In short, he writes, “these do-as-I-say liberals don’t trust their own ideas enough to apply them at home. . . . Which can only make one wonder: If their liberal prescriptions don’t really work for them as individuals, how can they work for the rest of us?”


UPDATE: It looks like this was a popular topic tonight. The newly-blogrolled Don Surber has links to many more posts.

Tax Amnesty Comes to Ohio–How About Loveland?

The Ohio Society of CPAs newsletter tells me the following about the program, which also is a Money Tip of the Day for Ohio residents with state tax delinquency and payment issues:

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) recently announced the 2006 Tax Amnesty Program that will allow taxpayers to pay back taxes without penalty from Jan. 1 to Feb. 15, 2006.

Legislation to implement the program, which was supported by The Ohio Society, was included in the state’s biennial budget enacted this summer.

According to the ODT, tax amnesty is being offered for six weeks because many Ohioans may have made inadvertent errors or withheld important tax information in their past filings due to the changes in Ohio’s tax code in recent years and its general complexity.

….. The 2006 Tax Amnesty Program allows affected taxpayers to take advantage of a limited-time opportunity to pay back taxes without penalty. Additionally, the program reduces any outstanding interest charges by 50 percent.

Would it be too much to ask the state to extend the program just a teeny bit to Loveland, that desperate Southwestern Ohio suburb of Cincinnati, so this ongoing national embarrassment in the amount of $1.16 can go away?

More news on this item than you can possibly stand is at the R-Rated WhistleBlower (2nd item at link, plus many other items on other days).

The ‘No WMD’ Lie (with LINKED Proof)

April 2, 2007: Well, Isn’t This Special? Munitions Found Last Year Were Officially WMDs


August 14, 2006: “The ‘No WMD’ Lie (with Linked Proof)” The Sequel


June 22, 2006: MORE WMD Findings Revealed (Adding to Richard Miniter’s October 2005 List)

November 2: This post was moved to the top for the remainder of the business day to show that full sourcing of claims made has been done, and because I’m sick and bleeping tired of the absurdity of the “no WMD” argument, the failure of the Mainstream Media to read their own news reports over the past two-plus years our forces have been in Iraq (and the 7-plus years since The Clinton Administration made the same WMD claims–See Updates 4 and 5 below), and the failure of this administration and the congressional majority to defend itself on the topic.

I really don’t like to repeat posts after 5 days, but the Democrat leadership’s temporary hijacking of The United States Senate, unprecedented in my memory of at least in my 35 or so years of following the news, makes it necessary.

The “No WMD” Lie

Did you know this? From Atlas Shrugs (scroll to end of post), based on member-only information at Human Events Online (external links added in response to Comment 1 below):

Did you know WMDs have been found in Iraq?
* 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium (Aug. 1, 2006 Note: link has moved; updated with saved text from original)
* 1,500 gallons of chemical weapons agents (also updated with saved text from original)
* 17 chemical warheads containing cyclosarin (a nerve agent five times more deadly than sarin gas) (May 7, 2006 Note: link has moved; will update with saved text shortly; May 8 – fixed)
* Over 1,000 radioactive materials in powdered form meant for dispersal over populated areas
* Roadside bombs loaded with mustard and “conventional” sarin gas, assembled in binary chemical projectiles for maximum potency

This is only a PARTIAL LIST of the horrific weapons verified to have been recovered in Iraq to date. Yet, Americans overwhelmingly believe U.S. and coalition forces found NO weapons of mass destruction.

The question is… WHY do they believe this (“No WMD”) lie?

Hmm. Maybe The New York Times should be nominating Judith Miller for a Pulitzer instead of considering firing her.

UPDATE: I have learned that these stats and much, much more are in a new book by Brendan Richard Miniter called “Disinformation: 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror,” which has officially moved to the top of my Christmas list.

UPDATE 2: In response to Comment 1 below, I have included links to stories from sources I would hope the commenter considers “actual news,” specifically (listed in order of appearance):
- a US embassy press release (7/8/04), based on a 7/6/04 Department of Energy press statement (link was removed in Summer 2006, and has been replaced with my saved copy).
- The Washington Post (8/14/05).
- via AP (7/2/04 — link was removed in Spring 2006, and has been replaced with my saved copy)
- via AP (7/7/04).
- CNN (for mustard gas-5/17/04).
- Fox News (for sarin gas-5/17/04).

I am glad I did the lookups, and have saved the text at each of the links to my hard drive for future reference (a good idea to emulate, IMO). Of course the commenter could have done all of this himself or herself in 10-15 minutes of Googling (tops), but it was easier to just “assume” it was all unsupported. Too bad, commenter. I guess that’s why I get the big bucks (oops–I don’t?). I am not glad the commenter had to resort to immature name-calling not supported by this initial reaction to Miniter’s book, but that seems to be par for the course for what passes for “discourse” coming from the left side these days.

UPDATE 3: From the incomparable Atlas Shrugs–”Moe, Larry, Curly: There Were No WMDs!”

UPDATE 4: Also worthy of a hearty reprise: “If The Bush Administration Lied About WMD, So Did These People — Version 3.0.” Names named with quotes from 1998 include Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Madeline Albright, Scott Ritter, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle, Joe Lieberman, Barbara Mikulski, and Dianne Feinstein. Oh, and John Kerry.

UPDATE 5: Porkopolis notes that we need to add Jimmy Carter to the list of Democrats with chronic amnesia (he added more on November 6), and provides a link to another item for the hard drive–Bill Clinton’s December 1998 speech justifying air strikes on Iraq:

The international community had good reason to set this requirement. Other countries possess weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. With Saddam, there is one big difference: He has used them. Not once, but repeatedly. Unleashing chemical weapons against Iranian troops during a decade-long war. Not only against soldiers, but against civilians, firing Scud missiles at the citizens of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iran. And not only against a foreign enemy, but even against his own people, gassing Kurdish civilians in Northern Iraq.

The international community had little doubt then, and I have no doubt today, that left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will use these terrible weapons again.

He had to have them to be able to use them, right? RIGHT??

UPDATE 6: Marie at makes fabulous points about how the Democrat Party has deteriorated over the past 40 years into a reactionary, obstructionist, do-nothing entity. Also see Comment 13 below for more good PeoplePolitical links.

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Quote of the Day: Mark Steyn on Governing

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From Tech Central Station, quoting an item blogged here by one Michael Greenspan, on the occasion of the death of influential but nearly invisible free marketeer Arthur Seldon (so unknown that his Wikipedia entry is bare bones):

[S]uccessful conservatives don’t move towards the ‘political centre’. They move the political centre towards them. That’s what Thatcher and Reagan both did…. If Labour is at 1 on the scale and the Tories are at 9, and their focus groups tell them to move to 5, they have ensured that henceforth the centre will be 3, and they’ll be fighting entirely on the Left’s terms and the Left’s issues. . . .

Conservatives win when they champion ideas. They win in two ways: sometimes they get elected; but, even if they don’t, their sheer creative energy forces an ever more intellectually bankrupt Left to grab whatever right-wing ideas they figure they can slip past their own base.

Positivity: A KPMG Office Reaches Out to Soldiers in Iraq

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A toast to the Short Hills, NJ office of the accounting giant (link requires subscription):