November 8, 2005

Ohio’s 2005 Election Issues Posts (Near Top Until Polls Close)

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BizzyBlog Posts:
- Final Thoughts on Ohio’s Issues Election
- Worse Than Worthless: Ohio Polls
- Ohio Issues 1-5 Live Blogpost (1 Passes; 2,3,4,5 Stomped)
- Ohio Issues 1-5: Key Counties, and What to Watch for
- One Precinct, One Visit, One Voter’s Perspective (The Ballot That Almost Ate the Voting Booth)
- Vote No on Ohio Issues 1,2,3,4 and 5: Here’s Why
- Issue 1 Sanctions Eminent-Domain Abuse
- (HUGELY IMPORTANT!) Issue 2′s Election-Day Absentee Loophole
- The Cincinnati Enquirer: Issue 2 Vote Fraud Enabler
- In Ohio, Voting Down Issue 2 Won’t Be Enough (HB 234 Must Be Repealed)
- Issue 3 Doesn’t Even Pass the Smell Tests
- Ohio Issue 4 Would Make a Bad Situation Intolerable
- Ohio Issue 5: There’s No Need to “Fix” What Isn’t Broken; Vote NO

S.O.B. Alliance and Other Notable Posts:
- Viking Spirit–Issue 1: “Legal and Economic Scam” (BizzyBlog title)
- NixGuy–CA’s Redstricting Prop is Reasonable; Ohio Issue 4′s Isn’t (BB title)
- Viking Spirit–Vote “NO” on Issues 2-5 roundup
- The Amazing Ron
- Project Logic–Issues 4 and 5 are the Ones to Watch; Toledo Blade and Various Democrats Slam Issue 2; The Anti-RON Buzz Keeps Growing; Reform Ohio Now Botches “MapQuest”; Gun Owners Against RON
- Weapons of Mass Discussion–Distorting RON Issue 4; Issue 1: Wrong for Ohio
- Black Swamp Conservative–State Issues 2-5: The Sky Really IS Falling


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