November 11, 2005

Positivity: CentCom Report on Progress in Iraq for Week of November 7

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Progress Being Made (scroll to bottom of page):

* Fifty-eight teachers, supervisors, and administrators attend training to improve teaching methods.
* The Model Schools training program shows continued success in preparing secondary school teachers.
* Iraq Transition Initiative (ITI) grant provides for the rehabilitation of a local road, employing 60 local residents.
* ITI helps expand a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on promoting gender equality and combating the physical abuse of women.
* A community center in northern Iraq, established to assist returning refugees, receives help in facilitating a training series.
* Construction continues on the library and student center for a university in the Wassit governorate.
* Universities discuss Centers for Excellence (CFE) to increase cross cultural understanding.
* Reconstruction of primary school in Qadissiyah completed.
* Work continues on Al-Sadder Stadium.
* Internet center in Wassit benefits Persons with Disabilities (PWD).


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