November 21, 2005

Positivity: Cabbie Returns Bag of Gems Left in Car

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He says he never gave a thought to keeping them (HT Good News Blog):

LOS ANGELES — Haider Sediqi didn’t give much thought to the small, zippered pouch that a passenger forgot in his cab when he got out at Los Angeles International Airport.

Sediqi put the bag in the front, where it remained until he met a fellow cabbie for lunch Wednesday.

….. “Oh, God,” Sediqi, 40, recalled his friend saying as he stared into the bag. “Look at those things.

Inside were about 100 diamonds — cut and polished and worth $350,000. Also inside was a cell phone bill. Sediqi called the number. “Um, did you leave anything?” the Afghan immigrant asked the man who answered.

Sediqi arranged to meet the man at the airport police station, where police confirmed the man’s identity.

Sediqi said keeping the loot never entered his mind. ”God is up there,” he said. ”He always watches.”


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