November 21, 2005

Rush Is on a Roll for the Ages on the Weekend’s “Cut and Run” Vote

This was a day that called for an exception to my general rule of not listening to talk radio in the office.

Rush was on fire today. There was much more I could have included that was just as good as what’s below.

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(on Schmidt and the vote)
You know, and Jean Schmidt — she’s the freshman congressperson from Ohio that defeated Paul Hackett. You know, she caused quite a ruckus on the floor of the House last week when she read this message that she got from a Marine that said, “Only cowards cut and run.” Well, they are cowards. Let’s be bold here. They wouldn’t even vote to withdraw. They’ll go on television; they’ll go on any television show they can; they’ll go on any network they can get on. “We need to withdraw! The president lied about the intelligence. It’s an illegitimate war. It’s unjust. We have no business being there, we’ve only created more terrorism.” Well, then vote that way. If you’ve got the guts to go on television and say all this, when the proposition comes up in the US House, why don’t you go vote for it? Are you afraid to vote what you’re actually saying? What else can we assume? They just want to talk about it, folks. They want to be able to grab the attention of the far left that funds and runs their party. Do not ever forget that what this is really all about is money, as far as the liberals are concerned. They know who’s running their party from the financial side. They know it’s these far-left antiwar fringe kooks and they’re just feeding them red meat so these people will think that the Democrats have a spine, so the Democrats are actually dominating so they’ll continue to send them money. But when it comes time for them to put pedal to the metal, when you’ve got a floor vote in the House of Representatives, what do they do? Only three of them voted.

The way they are so confidently speaking, but they don’t want to vote on the record, because that will turn off the American people. They’re a bunch of weasels. They’re a true bunch of weasels and this is why we cannot trust them to run the national security of this country. We can’t trust that they’re even telling us what they really think. Because if they were telling us what they really thought, they would have voted that way, and besides, if all of these public opinion polls are such that the vast majority of the American people think we’ve lost the war, that we continue to lose, that we’re wrong, that we shouldn’t have gone in there, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, then where is the problem? I mean, you’ve got the safety net of the public opinion behind you. Vote for it. But, no! Only three of them did.

(on why the opposition is where it is)
They are truly a fringe minority whose voices are being amplified by a sympathetic media that has a disgust and dislike for President Bush, and so they’re made to appear larger in size and voice than they really are.

The media understand that if Bush is seen as leading a successful war against the enemy, the libs are going to be out of power for generations and this is all about getting their power back — and if it means defeating the US or participating in that or calling us evil, calling us the losers, then they’ll do it to get their power back, and they know that if this force succeeds and is demonstrably a success, that they’re going to be out of power for generations. If you ask me, it is the terrorists and the liberals today who are fighting for their very survival.

….. But the fact is, it’s the libs who are fighting for their very survival, as are the terrorists — and, you know, the war, to have been wrong, we have to lose. That’s their battle cry. They must have that as a belief if they’re to have any credibility amongst themselves. The war is wrong. We must lose. If those two things are not true, then so much of the liberal belief system will be cracked. So much of it will be shattered. But as liberals, as far leftists, they must believe that war is wrong, and they must believe that we must lose it, since we’re the evil ones who started it. That’s their world view. But the problem is, we’re winning. The Iraqis are winning. The liberals are demanding defeat. I can think of no other explanation. They’re demanding defeat. That’s what we’ve seen all of last week.

(on how the left’s histrionics aid and abet the enemy)
Let me tell you, the only thing that the al-Qaeda people have going for them, the only thing that the real enemies of the United States have going for them… Mr. Snerdley, would you like to take a guess as to what I’m going to say? What’s the only thing the enemy has going for it? The American left. The American left and the American media. They are praying that Ted Kennedy and his ilk win the day. They are praying that people like Dingy Harry and Nancy Pelosi and all these kooks on the American left websites out there have their way. They are monitoring the American left, they are studying the American left, and they are exploiting the American left and even Zawahiri in his most letter to Zarqawi talked about the Vietnam experience. They’re trying to exploit the same thing because they hear the American left trying to exploit the same thing. So we have al-Qaeda demanding our defeat, we have the American left demanding our defeat of their own country and as it is, they are the only thing the enemy has going for it …..

(on what the response would be to our withdrawal)
Bin Laden viewed our withdrawal from Somalia as weakness. What I want to know is: What do these idiots think that our withdrawal from Iraq will be viewed as? When you get right down to it, I have to assume that the Democrats, the liberals, the American left, don’t care. I have to assume they want our defeat. They claim that we’re already defeated, in fact, and that’s why we need to pull out. We’re losing this war. We are the evil ones. We’re losing.

(on how this is NOT Vietnam)
….You have to understand what the left is all about here. The left is all about recapturing their power and they know that if this ends up successfully, they are going to be out of power for generations. The only thing the enemy has going for it is America’s liberals. They’re praying, al-Qaeda is praying that Dingy Harry and Ted Kennedy and Biden and all the rest win the day. But it isn’t going to happen. Not this time. This is not Vietnam. There is a new media, in addition to the old mainstream bunch. The new media will not allow what happened to our brave men and women in Vietnam to happen again. It simply will not be permitted.



  1. I’m eagerly awaiting.

    Comment by Eric Kephas — November 21, 2005 @ 3:20 pm

  2. Limbaugh on the Schmidt Speech

    Rush Limbaugh had this to say about Congresswoman Jean Schmidt’s remarks and the 403-3 vote against withdrawal… Bizzy Blog has more.

    Trackback by Project LOGIC — November 21, 2005 @ 11:03 pm

  3. Make it simple for everyone, let the Iraqi Citizens have a vote on rather we stay or leave. Thats the bottom line. It’s their country do they want/need us or not? Let them have the say and the arguement will be over. We won’t be abandoning them cause they asked/voted us to leave, we won’t be dictating them if they ask/voted us to stay. Isn’t democracy what we’re trying to give them? It’s their’s now! What they do with it is up to them. I know this is way too simple of a solution. However if we place it on the table and say ok you decide. We might see a change of attitude both at home and throughout the world.

    Comment by ben — November 22, 2005 @ 4:13 am

  4. Schmidt Update

    Schmidt happening fast and furious. I can’t even go out and pick my mommy up from the airport without there being more Schmidt news.

    Cincinnati Enquirer > Schmidt in war of words
    DKos > Both Cincy papers blast Schmidt
    The Kentucky Democra…

    Trackback by Ohio 2nd — November 22, 2005 @ 11:53 am

  5. #3, that was never necessary in Germany and Japan in the late-1940s, and I don’t see why it’s necessary now.

    Comment by TBlumer — November 22, 2005 @ 12:53 pm

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