November 27, 2005

Worn-Out Reactionary Media (WORMs) Ignore Iraq $1 Million Katrina Donation Story

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OVERVIEW: The failure of the “Mainstream Media” (with very minor exceptions) to report the possibly record-breaking $1 million donation by the Iraqi Red Crescent (their equivalent of our Red Cross) to Hurrican Katrina relief is negligent and irresponsible. It proves, more than another individual story out of Iraq, that there is a dogged determination to ignore positive news from that country, and that those ignoring it deserve the new name (WORMs) that is in the title of this post.

No matter where you stand on the Iraq War, by any reasonable, logical definition of what reportable news is, this story (“Positivity: Iraq’s Red Cross Equivalent Donates $1 Million for Katrina Relief”) fits that definition.

I believe that it may be, either in absolute dollars, as a percentage of the donor country’s output, or both, the largest single donation by a foreign non-governmental entity to a United States relief effort ever.

The Washington Times (“Iraqi Red Crescent thanks U.S. with $1 million for Katrina relief”) reported the donation on Friday, November 25 (noting, among other things, that the amount “represents 20% of the organization’s annual budget.” The underlying event happened Thursday, November 24.

On Saturday evening (Nov. 26), I did a Google News Search, sorted by date, on:

“red crescent” Iraq

This is the result, going back as far as the original Washington Times story:


All other stories in the search pre-dated when the donation occurred. This morning at about 11 AM ET, I did the same search and verified that, other than a blog post at American Thinker, the story did not appear anywhere besides the five places you see in the picture (first, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth listings).

To be sure that I didn’t miss anything, I also searched the following sites yesterday evening at about 8 PM, and re-verified the results this morning for “red crescent” (in quotes):

  • The “all the news that’s fit to print” New York Times had one later story about the Palestinian and Israeli Red Crescent organizations nearing an undescribed agreement. The next earliest story was from early November. (Sunday morning, there was an additional story about the Iranian earthquake, but no other changes.)
  • Newsday had two stories on Pakistani earthquake relief from November 25. All other stories were older than a few weeks. (Sunday morning, there was also an Iran quake story, and no other changes.)
  • The Washington Post had no story later than November 14. (Sunday morning-Iran quake story, no other changes.)
  • The LA Times yielded no results. A search only on the word “crescent” yielded nothing relevant. (Sunday morning-no change.)
  • There was no sign of any news of the donation going back 24 hours at AP Wire (worldwide), AP National, or AP International (and no new story about the donation on Sunday morning).

What are we to conclude, other that there is a near-total blackout on anything resembling good news coming out of Iraq by the organizations many refer to as The Mainstream Media?

That’s why, for the foreseeable future, I will begin calling them WORMs–The Worn-Out Reactionary Media.

“Mainstream” my a**.

Note: Those of you who don’t visit this blog frequently should know that I create one “Positivity” post each day, highlighting some form of good news that has occurred somewhere fairly recently. To make sure the good news isn’t diluted, I don’t allow comments at those posts and try to avoid saying anything myself beyond a short introduction. That’s why this post is separate from the original.

Also: This post originally appeared at about 10 AM, but was significantly revised after that and reposted in its now-finished form at the time indicated above.



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