December 4, 2005

S.O.B. Alliance Member Porkopolis Writes Up Schmidt Dec. 3 Town Hall Meeting; Other Points

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The Porkopolis post covers the large majority of the meeting’s substance.

Other points to add:

  • (also updated at original post) — In her response to an audience member’s question about her November 18 House floor speech, she noted in her recitation of the previous day’s events (Nov. 17) that she went quickly into a press briefing, read a statement, and quickly left. This appears to seal the deal beyond doubt that she wasn’t there when Congressman Dreier mentioned that John Murtha was a Marine 15 minutes before she made her statement. I also had a chance to ask her near the end of the question-and-answer period if she was present when Dreier made his statement, and she said she was not.
  • At least two questioners expressed concern over the proven reluctance of retailers this holiday shopping season to have employees say the word “Christmas” or to have that word in any of their promotional literature. Schmidt supported the notion that you can be tolerant and respectful of other belief systems and still use the word “Christmas” to describe December 25 and in greetings to others. Apparently the Cincinnati suburb of Madeira named an annual Christmas festival held Saturday “Holiday Fest” for the first time this year because of legal concerns. State Rep. Michelle Schneider and local talk radio host Bill Cunningham are replacing that sign after the festival is over with their own sign wishing residents a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  • Schmidt received what I would call warm applause at least a couple of times during the presentation and at the end.
  • I saw no evidence of any crowd antagonism towards her as a result of her House floor speech or the events that followed it. In fact, I believe she had the audience instinctively on her side from the start (in contrast to the smaller Montgomery meeting I attended in mid-October, where I would say the attitude of the few non-politicians there was neutral and in one case almost hostile).
  • I was also struck by how well she handled herself and how at ease she appeared to be (also true of the October Montgomery meeting), and how sharply that contrasted with what I heard during her interview with Cunningham before Thanksgiving.
  • The only flaw I would note is that she came close to but didn’t always repeat or paraphrase each audience member’s question, as it was difficult to hear the questions in the grade-school gym where the meeting was held.


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