December 7, 2005

When You Can Say What at This Time of Year (UPDATE)

Filed under: Economy,MSM Biz/Other Bias — Tom @ 2:15 pm

Am I the only person that has noticed these two tendencies, confirmed by Google News searches (all as of 10:15 AM ET)?

- “Holiday Shopping Season” (using quote marks)–8,730 hits.
- “Christmas shopping season” (using quote marks)–1,170 hits.

- holidays layoffs (without quotes)–141 hits.
- holiday layoffs (without quotes)–687 hits.
- Christmas layoffs (without quotes)–417 hits.

It seems a bit more acceptable to mention Christmas when layoffs are involved (half as often as the total of the two holiday layoff searches, vs. about 13% as often on the shopping searches).

These results are more striking than those I obtained on November 23.


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