December 11, 2005

Positivity: Mother and Daughter Reunited after 48 Years

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The mother credits God:

Mother and daughter reunited after 48 years
The tragedy and triumph behind a mother and daughter’s journey to find each other.

71-year old Ann Phillips of Huntsville finally meets the daughter she was forced to give up.

“I tried for 25 years through various means to find her and I couldn’t, so I just left it up to God. And God’s come through,” said Phillips.

It was an emotional whirlwind reunion when Ann Phillips and her daughter, Judah Myers met for the first time.

Judah always knew she was adopted, her adoptive parents supported her search for Ann, but nobody knew the tragedy that forced Ann Phillips to give up a baby she wanted to keep.

“I was sitting in the agency that had all their records. They told me about her. Then said, since you’re going to look up your mother, I need to tell you about the father,” Myers said.

Ann became pregnant with Judah after she was raped by a gang of men. Her parents were left ashamed, afraid and disowned her. She was given an ultimatum: abortion or adoption.

“When my parents told me you can’t keep her, it broke my heart. Now we’ve got a second chance,” said Phillips.

Their tragic story, turned triumphant, now Judah Myers looks in the mirror and knows who she sees. Piercing blue eyes, compliments of the mother she never knew.

“I’m so grateful to her. She could have had an abortion,” said Myers. “I was going to be thrown away but this woman saved my life,” she said.


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