December 12, 2005

Passage of the Day: WSJ on Environmental Sanity

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From Saturday’s Wall Street Journal (last 4 paras; requires subscription):

….. given the costly and fraudulent scares we have just lived through — mad-cow disease, genetically modified foods — the End-Is-Nigh crowd should be held to a higher standard of proof than it has been before. The needs of the world’s poor and sick are too pressing to squander limited economic resources on what could be another false alarm.

Fortunately, there’s another game in another town. Next month, the U.S., Japan, China, South Korea, India and Australia — collectively accounting for nearly half the world’s population — will meet in Sydney to launch the Asia-Pacific partnership. Unlike Kyoto, which pits developing countries against developed ones, the Partnership is a collaboration to develop cleaner energy resources.

Unlike Kyoto, too, it is a voluntary partnership that seeks to address environmental issues through economic growth and technology, and not by targets and command-and-control mechanisms. Some of the technological fixes — zero-emissions power plants, efficient hydrogen fuel cells — may be decades away. Then again, so are the real-world consequences of global warming, if they materialize at all.

So many politicians and activists have committed so much to their faith in man-made global warming that events like Montreal will continue regardless of the evidence. But anyone who cares seriously about the needs of the poor — and of the environment — needs to get out from under Kyoto’s dead hand.

If it doesn’t involve state control and top-down management, so-called environmental advocacy groups don’t like it. Fortunately for us, they did not, and apparently will not, get their way, even if a former US president doesn’t like it, and obviously doesn’t get it.


  • Australia’s announcement
  • US State Department Vision Statement (note how the Staties put in a nonsense sentence at the end: “The partnership will be consistent with and contribute to our efforts under the UNFCCC and will complement, but not replace, the Kyoto Protocol.” They’re referring of course to unratified, never-will-be-ratified Kyoto Protocol–Zheesh.)


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