December 18, 2005

Time’s 2005 “Persons of the Year”

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The winners (HT Michelle Malkin) are apparently noble people, but considering everything that has happened in the world this year, I can only ask “Who’s really living in a bubble?”

Michelle’s post and The Captain’s comments section at his anticipatory post has at least a few who would have made better selections (some sorting through poor choices required).

Also: Time’s “People Who Mattered” Are Framed with Bias-Tinged Pictures and Captions

UPDATE: Given that the target of the winners’ largesse is mostly Africa, this piece from Paul Theroux is highly recommended (HT Betsy Newmark via Ed Driscoll). A previous BizzyBlog post noted the futility of African aid provided in its current forms–from an African’s perspective.


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  1. Was There No One Better?

    Apparently I’m not alone in thinking that Time’s choices were, ummm, lame. So did a lot of folks. This happens every year, but if you’re going to honor generosity, how about the millions of people who donated billions of dollars to help with the rel…

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