December 19, 2005

Update: Thought Police 1, Bar Owner 0; Bar Owners Showing Solidarity–1

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The plot thickens (HT NixGuy):

Why this new sign? I’m for free speech
Snookers Billiards co-owners Bill Nolan (left) and Don Buechner are in solidarity with bar owner Tom Ullum.

SPRINGDALE – The hand-lettered sign says “For Service Speak English,” but bar owner Don Buechner said those words aren’t intended for his patrons.

Buechner, co-owner of Snookers on Princeton Pike, said he is sending a message to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, which this week ruled that a Mason bar with a similar sign in its window is practicing discrimination.

“They have overstepped their bounds,” Buechner said Friday, hours after putting up the sign in solidarity with Pleasure Inn owner Tom Ullum. “I just don’t know what’s happened to this country when you don’t have the right to express yourself.”

Ullum faces fines for refusing to take down his sign.

A judge will now get the case.

None of that matters to Buechner.

In fact, on Friday he called the commission in Columbus and informed them about the sign in his window.

The way Buechner sees it, “It’s really not much of a protest if nobody knows about it.”

Well, at least this will give the aptly described (R-Rated content) “$11,456,071-per-year Political Correctness Commission, whose 135+ bureaucRATS seem to have nothing better to do than travel around the state so they can persecute people like bar owners in Mason for having a helpful sign in their window” something else to look stupid about.

UPDATE, 8:45 p.m.: Meant to link this sooner, but Christmas-season commitments got in the way–At Porkopolis, S.O.B. Alliance members Porkopolis, NixGuy and yours truly engage in spirited commentary.

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  1. Hey! He’s not yellin “Fire” in a crowded theater. Whatever happened to freedom of speech??

    Comment by Dick Shank — December 19, 2005 @ 7:10 pm

  2. For Service, Speak English

    Ohio Bar owner Tom Ullum put up a sign a few months back that read “for service, speak english”. It appears that sign created quite a furor: (from Oct 9th)
    A tavern owner near Cincinnati is vowing not to take down a window sign that dec…

    Trackback by Flopping Aces — December 20, 2005 @ 2:19 pm

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