December 20, 2005

Bizzy’s AM Instant Coffee Biz-Econ Links (122005)

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Quick links this morning due to time pressures:

  • Here is a book (“The Victory of Reason“) that not only proposes that Christianity is compatible with capitalism–its thesis is that Christianity caused capitalism to arise.
  • An interesting piece on Apple that chronicles what its has done to right itself in the past 5 years, and some hints at what might be coming.
  • Video game sales are in a bit of a slump blamed on the preview of the Xbox 360 — Am I the only person who thinks that the industry is near its peak?
  • Toyota and Honda both expect near double-digit increases in sales next year; Toyota may become the world’s largest car company next year; if not then, with current trends, it almost certainly will in 2007.
  • My sympathies with China’s economic statisticians are genuine. They’re trying to track the activities of over a billion people, are hampered by antiquated data-gathering techniques, and of course have The Party looking over their shoulders. All of those factors mean that despite their best efforts, the results they report have to be considered suspect. That’s especially true when they’re now telling us that the country achieved a ridiculous 16.8% GDP growth in the past year, nearly twice the percentage reported earlier.

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