January 20, 2006

Positivity: Two Young Boys Save a Retiree From a Burning House (UK)

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An elderly woman was saved because of what these two boys learned, and used, from a class in school (Jan. 11):

TWO young heroes have been praised after helping to rescue an elderly lady from her burning house.

The prompt action of schoolboys Adam Smith and Mark Jeffery saved the pensioner’s life when a toaster started a fire in the kitchen of her home in Stockens Dell, Knebworth.

Ten-year-old Adam said: “We were going to the park when we heard a smoke alarm.

“At first we thought it was a burglar alarm, but we walked past the house and saw a fire in the kitchen.

“We knocked on a neighbour’s door and told her there was a fire, so she got the elderly lady out.”

Adam, from Hornbeam Spring, added: “We were scared – there were flames and smoke.

“When the lady opened the door, loads of smoke came out.”

Mark, 11, from Stockens Green, said: “My next door neighbour had a fire so I knew what to do.”

The pair have been congratulated for their actions by the fire brigade and police force.

Proud mother of Adam, Mandy, said: “They couldn’t praise them enough.

“I am choked – Adam and Mark quite possibly saved the lady’s life.”

If the boys had run home to tell their parents rather than take matters into their own hands, the woman might not have survived, she added.

Sally, Mark’s mother, said: “He’s my hero boy.

“I couldn’t wait to ring my husband and tell him.”

Both families agree a Crucial Crew course the boys had been on in the autumn term of school was invaluable.

Run by various support services, it teaches pupils how to stay safe in different dangerous situations including fires.


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