January 26, 2006

The Franken-stein Monster That’s Eating Air America Radio

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Brian at Radio Equalizer has the latest on Air America’s Radio’s Al Franken (HT Michelle Malkin).

It is a very painful but instructive read on the mindset of this supposedly “compassionate” poster boy for the American Left.

A reasonable question: Have the exorbitant salaries paid to Franken and his AAR entourage (oops, I meant “staff”) prevented AAR from fully repaying the loan it unethically obtained from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club?

Two other reasonable questions for someone like Mr. Franken, who is being paid way north of $1 million per year (and not earning it, based on benchmarking against the pay of other talk hosts with better ratings): Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed that (from all appearances) this loan has not yet been repaid? And what are YOU doing to make sure repayment occurs?

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