January 27, 2006

McEwen Election Law Claim Update: The News is “No News”

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Since the probable cause hearing on January 11, at which the Ohio Election Commissioners in attendance expressed interest in moving forward to the a full committee hearing with some speed ….. nothing firm has happened.

I was told today that the chances of a full committee hearing taking place before the next regularly-scheduled full committe hearing on February 9 are remote. Whether the hearing takes place on February 9 is not assured, and depends on the rest of the agenda for that meeting.

This means that the full-committee hearing could very well occur sometime AFTER February 9, and no, I have no idea how soon after February 9.

That’s okay; I’m patient. Maybe someone should ask the other party or his representatives about their patience level.

In the meantime, because of this matter, the blogosphere will continue to be spared BizzyBlog’s blather on local and state politics.

Dec. 29 — Election Law Complaint Filed
Jan. 11 — Probable Cause Hearing
Jan. 17 — Probable Cause Finding Letter


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