January 28, 2006

Positivity: Traffic Stop Saves a Life

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A policeman would not have noticed a person needing help if he hadn’t pulled Erica Barnes over for speeding:

Driver didn’t know until later she helped save a life
Saturday January 21, 2006

It was over a week before Erica Barnes realized her bad luck resulted in Bill Burns’ life being saved.

Much has been written over the last week about the events that occurred that resulted in Burns being found in a Centerton cornfield.

It began with Morgan County Deputy Steve Hoffman stopping a 19 year-old driver doing 57 mph in a 30 mph zone.

After writing the driver a $100 ticket, Hoffman noticed a waving light in the cornfield next to the road.

He investigated and found a big black dog holding a flashlight in his mouth standing over another dog, which was lying on a body.

Hoffman found Burns, who had suffered a diabetic seizure, lying in the field. The deputy, who is an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, gave aid to Burns until an ambulance arrived.

Burns was transported to Morgan Hospital and Medical Center for treatment. His story has gone around the nation. He and Hoffman, and the dogs, Butch and Dusty, have done several interviews.

Lost was the person whose traffic stop led to Burns discovery.

Erica said she was surprised Thursday morning when her father called and told her a reporter was trying to get in touch. Erica had been busy and not heard about Burns’ ordeal or the fact that a traffic stop led to his discovery. She was even more surprised to learn it was her traffic stop that led to Burns being found near where she was pulled over.

Erica, who is a 2005 Mooresville High School graduate, lives in Brooklyn with her parents. She works at the Wal-Mart store in Martinsville and Erica said she never takes Centerton Road home at night. Her mother Juana said she told her daughter not to take the old road home, because could be too dangerous for a single girl at night.

Erica said she always takes Indiana 67 home.

Except for that night.

Erica said she began feeling ill at work and was in a hurry to get home. For some reason, Erica said she turned onto Centerton Road.

She admits she was speeding, but she felt so bad, all she wanted was to get home.

She had just passed the Centerton Elementary School when the red and blue lights came one behind her. She said the deputy was nice and polite as he told her what her speed was and then gave her a ticket.

She then left the scene and went home.

Erica told her parents on Friday about getting a ticket. She paid it later that day.

While she wished she didn’t get the ticket, Erica is happy that everything worked out and Burns is OK.

And Erica said she would like to meet Burns someday.

But when she does go to meet him, Erica guarantees she will be doing the speed limit and no more.


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