January 30, 2006

Overpaid and Underworked: Exhibit A Is Joel Stein

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For comic relief, first put the coffee down.

Then go here to see what BizzyBlog is supposedly worth (if you spit out coffee, it’s not my fault).

If you agree with the valuation, contact me for my PayPal account data and send the money. I’ll quit and start a new blog tomorrow.

It was $107, 827.14 (cough, cough) as of 11PM on Jan. 29; it has bounced between $54K and $108K during the past week. I am really impressed at their ability to nail the value down to the penny.

Then again, maybe the valuation isn’t so unreasonable. In fact, to borrow a political word, it might be “conservative.”

I say that because I learned in the course of Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Clueless Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times about his controversial “Warriors and Wusses” column (requires free registration, and will probably be archived by Feb. 1) that he is paid (notice I didn’t say “earns”) over $75,000 per year (about 75% of the way through the interview transcript) — for one column per week.

So BizzyBlog is either hopelessly undervalued, or Joel Stein is ridiculously overpaid (too bad for me it’s the latter).

Memo to LAT: I’ll write TWO better columns every week for $50 grand a year. Just pick the two submission days. I’ll even deal with all the brickbats Patterico throws my way.

Just leave me alone for the rest of the week, so I can make three more deals just like this one….. and still keep my $108,000 blog.

No wonder the stocks of mainstream newspapers, including LAT’s parent The Tribune Company, are performing so poorly.


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