February 13, 2006

Not Exactly a Googly Performance

BizzyBlog is not about to get into stock-picking.

But I will suggest that there might be at least one more reason than the analysts and pundits are citing as to why the bloom has come off the rose at Google, especially in the last three weeks:


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  • So “Evacuees from Hurricane Katrina have marched on Washington, demanding more aid for displaced families.” The BBC says they wonder “Where’s the Money?” Followers of this blog and S.O.B. Alliance member Porkopolis won’t be surprised at the New York Times’ expose that to a large extent answers the marchers’ question: “Auditors Find Huge Fraud in FEMA Aid.”
  • Kellogg’s, the cereal company, will celebrate its 100th anniversary on Sunday the 19th. The link does a nice job with the story of its founding.
  • Your Tax Dollars at Work — revisions of Wikipedia entries traced to Congressional staffers. If you’re keeping score, 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans legislators are named. It’s also noted that “The article on President Bush has been altered so many times – not just from within Congress – that Wikipedia’s volunteer monitors have had to block further ‘editing.’”
  • I REALLY don’t like this idea — “US Group Plants Electronic Tags in Workers” (HT Drudge).
  • African corruption update — President Denis Sassou-Nguesso of the Republic of Congo ran up $295,000 in hotel charges for himself and his entrourage of 50 “for an eight-night stay in New York, including more than $81,000 (£46,400) for Sassou-Nguesso’s suite. The main purpose of the president’s visit was to deliver a 15-minute speech to the general assembly’s 60th anniversary summit.”
  • Speaking of corruption, we should be so lucky — Annan prepares for privatisation of UN (HT Drudge). Forgive me for totally doubting the willingness to carry through with this proposal.
  • Zillow.com promises to give you an accurate valuation of your house (and your neighbors’ via a satellite map) without having to commit to getting pestered by a real estate agent, as occurs at other web sites I won’t name to protect the guilty. Apparently its traffic is very heavy, but I got in twice late Sunday evening. VERY impressive. Here’s an article about the company.

Positivity: A “Routine” Boating Trip Turns into Near-Disaster, Followed by Rescue

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Two old friends and a dog nearly lost their lives in Florida near Tampa in a boating mishap. After their rescue, they say they have stronger ties: