April 9, 2006

Weekend Question 1: On One of the Inevitabilities of Nationalized Health Care

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Why Does This Positive Story Have an Ugly Underside to It?

The Positivity part is that an English couple got to spend time with their prematurely born twins before they died.

Horribly, there are those who think the babies should not have been treated:

Mrs. King, 36, and Mr. King, 46, from Sprowston, said those two weeks they spent with their daughters were precious and they were horrified that health experts have even suggested premature babies should be left to die.

Experts at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists urged medical chiefs to consider the implications of treating premature babies (born before 24 weeks) as they were “bed-blocking” and preventing other children from being treated.

Mrs. King, an accounts clerk, said: “When I heard about this I was so angry. That small time we spent with our daughters was so precious; I will always treasure that. The thought that some doctor could come along and tell me he wasn’t going to help my children because they were premature is beyond belief.

“Doctors did all they could to save them. They didn’t survive, but they could have done, and who has the right to intervene in that?

“They were almost fully formed. My little girls had all their features but they couldn’t open their eyes. They cried just like other babies. They were just too small to survive, but while I was with them I expressed milk and we got to hold their hands. That was so important and we would not have had that if doctors had not treated them. It was a short time but we got to give them something and act like parents to them.”

….. “We were told their chances were slim,” Mrs. King said. “But I was so grateful that the doctors were prepared to give them a chance. It was worth the highs and lows just to spend that time with our daughters. It is bad enough to give birth to a premature baby but for a doctor to then tell you they are not worth treating is horrific. I cannot imagine any doctor who would be prepared to tell a patient that.”

What kind of monsters use terms like “bed-blockers”?

Inevitably, medical personnel in nationalized health-care systems.

Remember that.


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