April 13, 2006

New FreeRepublic Post on Pierce

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Amazingly, no one at FreeRepublic posted on the stunning rebuke Mike DeWine received in Fulton County a couple of weeks ago.

That oversight has been corrected with an FR post by yours truly that is pegged to the Toledo Blade article about Fulton County’s endorsement meeting. Of course info on the Pierce site, blog, and how to contribute were added.

An FR Lesson: When posting, always peg to an MSM article, and the post will stay in News/Activism, which has the highest level of activity. If you try to make the primary link one of your own blog posts, they’ll push you into the low-traffic Bloggers & Personal category.

Note: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

Quote of Day: Ace on the Economy

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Wish I would have thought of this way of describing the pervasive impact of business reporting bias by the WORMs (Worn-Out Reactionary Media, known to the most as the Mainstream Media; HT S.O.B. Alliance member Return of the Conservatives):

The Republican Tax: I’ve said this before, but I think we’ve got to accept we will always, as a country, have to pay a “tax” on having a Republican president in office, because the media, through relentlessly negative coverage of Republcian economies, will sabotage consumer confidence and thus reduce the actual strength of the economy (not just the perception thereof) a fraction of a percent or so.

I like the quote, except the “always” part, which I think is changing, ever-so-slowly but surely.

Background: May 2, 2005 — Kudlow Doesn’t Understand Biased MSM Business Reporting (So I Will Explain)

Subpoenas Gone Wild: COAST in Hyperdrive Against Schmidt

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Wow. I posted entries a day ahead to take care of a medical situation, and I come back to this?

Miss a day, miss a lot, as they say.

And not another word, please, about my supposed “preoccupation.”

Malia Rulon at the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Politics Extra blog noted the mass-subpoena anti-Schmidt campaign of COAST, which finally seems to have shaken the Enquirer from its sleep about COAST’s true agenda (a cynic would suggest that it’s because it now affects them):

So who got served?

Literally everyone with any connection to Schmidt, starting with her husband, Peter Schmidt, to her Schmidt for Congress campaign and former campaign manager, Joe Braun.

Here are the others who have been served and what COAST is seeking:

  • Timothy Billies of Creative Point in Amelia, Ohio, who created and maintains Schmidt’s campaign Web site, for documents and correspondence relating to the site.
  • University of Cincinnati for documents and transcripts relating to degrees Schmidt earned at the school.
  • Milford Exempted Village Schools for documents about when or whether Schmidt worked at the school and what duties she performed.
  • Ohio Department of Education for documents about Schmidt’s teaching certificate or any disciplinary action taken.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer and reporter Howard Wilkinson for any press packets, resumes or documents received from Schmidt’s campaign over her educational degrees, and notes from conversations with the campaign over her educational degrees.
  • Dayton Daily News, The Cincinnati Post, the Cincinnati Herald, The Associated Press, The Community Press, the Portsmouth Daily Times, the Times-Gazette of Hillsboro, Clermont Sun Publishing Co. in Batavia, The Georgetown Democrat, Hannah News Services, the Brown County Press and the Catholic Telegraph for the same press packets, interview notes, etc.
  • League of Women Voters of Cincinnati, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Manufacturers Association, Rotunda Inc., and National Federation of Independent Businesses for all records about Schmidt’s educational background.

My count of the above indicates roughly 26 subpoenas.

Rumors that Jean Schmidt’s recently-wed daughter was subpoenaed are not true, despite the fact that wedding cards and gifts may have contained secret communications about her mother’s academic accomplishments or super-secret endorsements. I guess COAST is slipping in its due diligence.

Seriously now, where’s the outrage from the McEwen campaign, which claims to only want to talk about “the issues”? Isn’t this a distraction from that? Oh, I forgot, “COAST and McEwen don’t have anything to do with each other,” even though McEwen was yukking it up with the COASTers at the infamous Schmidt cake-decapitation event a full month into the campaign. Uh-huh.

I think we can see where COAST is going:
- It’s reasonable to believe that COAST will continue to pursue what looks more and more like an obsessive hatred of Jean Schmidt after the primary all the way until November, even if it might mean that she loses the Second District seat to the other party.
- It’s reasonable to believe that COAST’s obsession will continue if she wins re-election for most of her next term, in hopes that a weakened Schmidt can be defeated in a 2008 primary.

Anyone who thinks that this is only about Schmidt’s tax-increasing votes while she was a State Rep in Columbus is sadly mistaken. This is about taking out Jean Schmidt at any cost, for reasons only the COASTers seem to fathom (I’ve tried to understand it for months; based on what I’ve been told, I can’t get there.).

There’s precedent for believing that COAST will be after Jean Schmidt for years. Don’t forget that COAST was willing to accept money from a far-left pro-abortion group a few days before the August 2 Special Election last year to run ads that told Republicans to stay home rather than vote for Jean Schmidt:

It is odd enough that Cincinnati’s most conservative, anti-tax, anti-spending organization has teamed up with an Oregon-based liberal political action committee to run a radio ad in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District, but the message the two groups are delivering is even stranger.

They are telling people not to vote in Tuesday’s special congressional election.

Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes, which generally supports Republican candidates, is using money provided by Frontier PAC, a Portland, Ore., organization that generally helps Democratic candidates, to run radio ads on WKRC and WLW radio.

Had COAST and its liberal bedfellows been successful, we would be talking about Congressman Paul Hackett today. Luckily, it didn’t work. Some of us in the S.O.B. Alliance would like to think that we had a little bit to do with that.

COAST assumed at the time that Hackett would have been easy to defeat this coming November. Uh, people: With all the hype Paul Hackett received after LOSING, can you imagine what would have happened if he had WON? He would have become a national celebrity before his first day in Congress. With name recognition and favorable press coverage most politicians can only dream about, to think that he would have been easily defeated in a reelection campaign, even in the conservative Second District, is absurd. (And no, I don’t believe Hackett would have attempted to jump into Ohio’s US Senate race after only a few months in Congress.)

More importantly, a Hackett victory would have energized national Democrats as they haven’t been since 1992. The WORMs (Worn-Out Reactionary Media, known to most as The Mainstream Media) had their “Bush in Free-Fall” headlines all ready before Jean Schmidt won on August 2 (some tried it anyway, but a close loss is still a loss). It’s not difficult to believe that COAST’s effort, if successful, might have led to a situation where instead of the “cut and run” speech we heard from Ms. Schmidt, we would have seen a real cut-and-run vote by a Congress intimidated by a Hackett victory and relentless media pounding — all because COAST hates (and that IS the right word) Jean Schmidt, and appears to hate her at a level that makes the Clinton-bashers of the mid-late 1990s look like pacifists.

Meanwhile, Bob McEwen and his campaign sit idly on the sidelines, commissioning a poll designed to give the COASTers the red meat they need, and taking quiet satisfaction in how events have evolved. In an election where the candidates essentially agree on “the issues,” COAST’s Subpoenas Gone Wild also conveniently takes the focus off of where it should be: Bob McEwen’s deliberately undisclosed and unexplained post-congressional “career” during his 12-year absence from the district.

My instinct is that Second District voters will see through all of this and recognize that the McEwen campaign and COAST are joined at the hip, and further conclude that any candidate who would forge an alliance with COAST (and then not have the guts to admit it) is not worthy of their vote on May 2. People who genuinely aren’t pleased with Jean Schmidt’s performance in Congress on “the issues” can look at another challenger who may be more to their liking in Deb Kraus, who, unlike McEwen, is willing to tell us who she is and what she’s been up to.

Clearing up That Late-February McEwen Puff Piece

This e-mail was sent a week ago Tuesday to Wade Linville at the Georgetown News Democrat in response to his Febuary 26 article about Bob McEwen’s candidacy. It disputes two points:

  1. McEwen’s claims to have “pushed for improvements in Southern Ohio” as a lobbyist, when in a Dayton Daily News candidates’ meeting in June of last year, even under pressure to do so, he appears to have named no local-area clients who would have been involved in such “improvements.”
  2. His claim of contrition at the impending finding that he violated Ohio Election Law by calling himself “Congressman McEwen” in print, on the radio, and on TV. The article made no reference to the fact that his counsel vigorously disputed the claim at the probable cause hearing in January that preceded it (after trying to convince me to be the second person to allow him to “go and sin no more” without a hearing — yeah, right, we see how well THAT worked). It also ignored the fact that the probable cause panel’s 4-0 finding made the finding of a violation a virtual certainty at the then-impending seven-member full committee hearing (the final result was 6-1). In other words, contrition on the part of McEwen only appeared when it became the sole remaining option for avoiding a penalty beyond a reprimand.

Links are added that were not in the e-mail. Here goes, with additional italicized editorial comments clearly identified:

Subject: McEwen Background
From: biz@bizzyblog.com
Date: April 4, 2006 12:34:48 PM EDT


Thanks for speaking with me today. I apologize for the length of this e-mail, but I need to bring up a couple of concerns I have with your article about Bob McEwen back in February.

The first is that Bob’s description of his lobbying efforts runs counter to an experience recounted by Eric Minamyer, one of his opponents during last year’s 2nd District primary in June, describing a group interview he was in at the Dayton Daily News.

Here’s what you reported:

    As a lobbyist, McEwen also pushed for improvements in Southern Ohio, such as funding for water plants and road improvements.

What Minamyer reported (and the link) about the meeting is after my signoff. I verified that it was Minamyer who posted it in an e-mail exchange with him at the time. The key point is that when under considerable pressure to say something, anything, about domestic clients he had during his lobbying career, he could name none, and certainly not any that involved “pushing for improvements in Southern Ohio.” At a minimum, it seems odd that he could not do so. (At worst, it’s possible there are none. –Ed.)

The second concern is that, though Mr. McEwen intended not to, and did not, contest the Ohio Elections Commission complaint I filed at the full-committee hearing that took place on March 16, his lawyer DID attempt to contest the complaint at the probable cause hearing that preceded it on January 11. The probable cause hearing ruling was 4-0. As the Elections Commission has 7 members, it was obvious he would lose (and did — Ed.) at the full-committee hearing without new defensive evidence, which of course did not exist. So it was way too easy in my view to let him off with a position of contrition when the handwriting was on the wall without disclosing what happened at the probable cause hearing that preceded it.

I intend to post a rearranged version of this e-mail at BizzyBlog.com in the next day or two (oh well, make it nine. — Ed.), so any response you might have to this would be welcome. (None was received. — Ed.)

Tom Blumer


Minamyer June 2005 Post at NixGuy:

I was interviewed by the Dayton Daily News at the same time that Bob McEwen, Jeff Morgan and Jean Schmidt. We were all asked what we had been doing for a living. Mr. McEwen said he worked for AAI. He was asked what that was, he said it was a consulting firm. What type of consulting? Well you get the picture.

Eventually he uttered the word “lobbyist.” (I’ve been told by McEwen’s campaign manager that he had no reason to be ashamed of being a lobbyist. Uh-huh. — Ed.) He was asked to name clients. He responded they were companies in need of assistance with government red tape. But who are they? Again you get the picture.

Eventually he named his clients all of whom were foreign governments and foreign companies doing business with the US. Remember he was a representative to the European Congress after leaving Congress.

I was a bit surprised by all this and even more surprised that no newspaper has ever reported that he makes his living representing foreign interests. (That makes at least two of us, Eric.)

The answers finally given by him to the questioning by the editor explain his attempts to avoid giving a staight answer. As a trial lawyer, I admired the interrogation very much…..

Comment by Eric Minamyer — 6/9/2005 @ 11:48 pm


UPDATE: If the News Democrat will let itself get bamboozled by McEwen as just described, why should anyone take their endorsement of him seriously? How about this for a “cut and run” sentence by a gutless editorial writer — “We won’t even talk about Schmidt’s exploits in the few months she has been in office.” Uh, folks, an editorial is supposed to discuss the incumbent’s current record. I’m left to assume that you don’t want to talk about her War on Terror support.

UPDATE 2: Yes, I know that Eric Minamyer has endorsed McEwen. Politics makes very strange bedfellows, and his current endorsement doesn’t affect the validity of Minamyer’s account of the meeting that occurred when he was running against McEwen and nine others last spring.

A “Welcome to the Alliance” Post

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I love the blog name of The Boring Made Dull, the newest S.O.B. Alliance member. and appear to be trumping Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion in welcoming him aboard. (wrong-see update below)

There’s a nice collection of local, national, and international commentary. BMD appears to have picked Capri Cafaro as its special object of derision. Lord know there’s no shortage of material to work with.

But I also want to know about “Hillary” and “Opresed serf of the akron publik scool monarcks” (spelled as indicated). There has to be a good story behind those folks.

UPDATE: Matt is channeling the new member announcements through the S.O.B. Alliance blog, which I missed because it’s not in the feed yet. So much for pre-empting.

Bizzy’s AM Coffee Biz-Econ-Life Links (041306)

Free Links:

  • Delta’s CEO says a pilots’ strike would kill the company (“we can’t survive 24 hours of a strike”) — I’m afraid that one of these days, a bankrupt airline’s union will push the strike button one too many times, and we’ll see a liquidation.
  • About five years ago, the GOP had Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords who left the party to become “independent” — will the Dems soon see a Jumpin’ Joe Lieberman go independent?
  • We’re surprised at this? Only 1 or 2 million of Howard Stern’s former free radio audience of 12 million is listening to him on $12-15/month Sirius Satellite Radio.
  • Meet the New Mainstream Media, Same as the Old Mainstream Media (except more high-tech) — Google News is in many ways every bit as biased as the WORMs (Worn-Out Reactionary Media, known to most as the Mainstream Media). A while ago, they dissed Michelle Malkin’s homemade “First They Came” effort, but they don’t hesitate to consider terrorist-sympathizing hacks legitimate news sources. They should realize they don’t have a God-given right to their traffic. Michelle Malkin and Pamela at Atlas Shrugs have lots more.
  • Jeff at Credit/Debt Recovery has a great post on Blast-Faxing your way to a great deal on a car. More info on a book, an article, and even a kit you can purchase for a nominal fee (compared to what you’ll save aggressively shopping for a car) is at the link.

Positivity: Paying Attention in Health Class Pays Off

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Last month, Angel Hernandez was a hero:

03/27/06 – Posted from the Daily Record newsroom
Yes, school saves lives
Hopatcong High School junior Angel Hernandez really was paying attention in health class.

On Tuesday, during his first-period health class, Hernandez fine-tuned the CPR lessons that began the week before.

By second period, French teacher Cheryl Gramp would live to appreciate Hernandez’s attentiveness.

When Gramp collapsed due to a bad reaction to medication, Hernandez rushed to her aid. He performed the deep chest compressions he learned in health class.

He wasn’t completely alone. His classmates, who apparently had the same class, helped out by giving instructions. After finding that she wasn’t breathing, another student helped him position her head so she wouldn’t choke.

Authorities say the students’ quick action may have saved their teacher’s life.

Gramp was back in school by Thursday — giving her class the quiz they missed when she was rushed to the hospital.

Now, Hopatcong’s teachers have an answer — with a real-life example — the next time their students ask: “Will I ever use this in real life?”