April 17, 2006

Pierce on Illegal Immigration: Part II

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Part I (at the Pierce blog; my comments) was all about making the firm legislation is in place to secure the borders before addressing what to do about the illegal horde presently here.

Part II: Work Program or Amnesty?” demands that employers follow laws created 20 years ago to ensure that illegals do not get hired, and removing incentives for new illegals to come here, such as welfare, health care, and drivers licenses. He generally supports provisions developed in the House.

Pierce then criticizes the Senate of which he intends to become a Member, and his incumbent opponent:

On the other hand, the legislation sent to the floor of the Senate by the Judiciary Committee, with the approval of Senator Mike DeWine, two other Republicans, and the Committee’s entire Democratic delegation (including Senator Ted Kennedy), does not discuss controlling the border and offers a “work program” leading to American citizenship in the future. Careful not to use the “a” word, the Judiciary Committee must have felt that Americans would not see through their thinly veiled attempt to accomplish just that – amnesty for people who have broken our Nation’s law and then rewarding them with citizenship.

….. The United States operates under the “rule of law” as a means to keep an orderly society for the benefit of all her citizenry, and that rule of law begins to apply with the first step on our soil. If illegal entry is the basis of one’s presence in the country, then it has been clearly established that rules/statutes/laws mean nothing if they impede the individual’s own desires. If such an attitude becomes prevalent, then anarchy will surely follow and the fabric of our society will be destroyed.

The Senate’s version of immigration “reform” is indeed a roadmap to anarchy. Bill Pierce will not abide by it, which is another clear reason to vote for him on May 2.

Read the whole entry at his blog. Visit his main site. Contribute — Even if you think it’s not much, it is. Finally, vote for Bill Pierce on May 2.

Note: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

First with the Worst: Official McEwen Statement

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I haven’t seen this posted elsewhere, and the McEwen campaign web site has been inaccessible virtually all day so far. So I guess this is the first place where the below item is being posted.

I called the McEwen Campaign and asked Communications Manager Mike Harlow at about 4 PM for the campaign’s official response to Malia Rulon’s Enquirer stories on April 16.

Here, though it is not labeled a response to the Enquirer stories, is the “response” I received via e-mail:

Statement from Michael Harlow, Communications Director, Bob McEwen for Congress:

“Jean Schmidt is the subject of two Ohio Elections Commission investigations accusing her of misstatements on her resume and on her endorsement list.

Voters of the Second District would like to know where the candidates stand on the important issues such as jobs, taxes and spending, immigration, and national security.

When she does talk about the issues, she flip-flops. She disagrees with herself on the death penalty. She disagrees with herself on gays in the military.

Jean Schmidt voted for every single one of Ohio’s tax increases while in the legislature. She also lobbied the governor for gambling interests, yet she wants people to think she is a conservative.

Jean Schmidt has ducked debates claiming a “scheduling conflict” yet she can find time for cheap political stunts.

Bob McEwen is out discussing real issues with the voters and hearing their concerns about Washington’s out of control spending and inability to control our borders.

Bob is an associate at a firm with offices in Cincinnati and Washington, DC and he has always maintained a residence in Ohio in accordance with state law.

Somebody help me with where this “response” is responsive.

UPDATE: Being Mike Harlow must have been a lot more fun last summer when he was campaigning for Jean Schmidt. In fact he was so enthused about her (and even yours truly) that he said the following in one of his Yankee Red blog posts on July 30, 2005 (brought to you courtesy of our good friends at Google cache, and saved by yours truly before Mike apparently cleared out the cache; apologies for the extraneous characters; the item below is a picture, so the links don’t work):




Those were the days, eh?

UPDATE 2: Lincoln Logs, blogging from an area that used to be in the Sixth District of the 1990s, get in some mighty choice rips

Over in the OH-02, Bob McEwen’s campaign was pretty much totally destroyed over the weekend. Some supporters may blame the Cincinnati Enquirer’s investigative reporting, but after reading the story, I blame McEwen.

….. McEwen thinks a police officer pulling him over for speeding in California is determining residency, rather than using the license as an ID tool. Besides that, it goes to further illustrate just how disinterested Bob McEwen is in applying laws that cover everyone else to himself.

….. But McEwen still doesn’t feel he owes us an explanation.

That’s ok though – it makes the decision easy, the voters of the OH-02 certainly, then, don’t owe him any votes.

My, the TV WORMs Are Quiet About This (Chinese Censors Shutting Broadcasters Out)

You would think losing access to hundreds of millions of Chinese TV viewers, and potentially more than a billion, would get the broadcasting arm of the WORMs (Worn-Out Reactionary Media, known to most as The Mainstream Media) up in arms.

Well, the access has been shut off, and there’s been nary a peep (HT S.O.B. Alliance member Interested-Participant):

China bans foreign broadcast news sources

BEIJING, April 13 (UPI) — China has prohibited local TV and radio stations from using international news coverage from foreign news services.

From now on, local broadcasters must restrict their coverage of overseas events to reports generated by state-run China Central Television and China Radio International.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, in a notice on its Web site, warned news broadcasters to “strengthen their political sensitivity” and avoid using footage taken from international satellite services, the South China Morning Post reported Thursday.

“Recently, some overseas news services and media have used various methods to sell international news material to domestic stations, and the reports have a clear political intention,” the administration said.

….. Many local stations, especially those in large cities, have started to use footage and news reports supplied by foreign news services as competition for news demands more timely and diverse reporting angles.

As of Saturday afternoon, Google News had a grand total of 31 stories referring to the new level of censorship.

In fact, what’s really happening is mostly a whitewash. Only about a quarter of the listed headlines contain the word “ban.” Here are some headlines that don’t:

The reluctance to tell the whole truth about anything a communist government does (let alone object to it), and the willingness to tolerate things that would bring howls of outrage if done by any free-world government, trumps business sense.

That’s why they’re WORMs.

Pierce Cunningham Interview Is Up on FreeRepublic

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Go here.

Matt’s original post of the transcript at Weapons of Mass Discussion is here.

The audio file is here. Download it and spread it around. It’s VERY good.

Note: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

Pierce Bumper

Pierce Cunningham Interview Highlights

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Full interview text is at S.O.B. Alliance member Weapons of Mass Discussion, audio is here.

Overall conclusion: VERY strong. Pierce has experience giving interviews from the days of his battles with the Department of Labor (ultimately leading to his book, “Take Comfort and Solace“), and it shows.


PIERCE: I think there’s a tendency to — there’s a frustration building with some of Senator DeWine’s votes and his positions and in particular as I have travelled 81 of the 88 counties — uh — his absence.


PIERCE: Illegal immigration. I stand solidly behind the bill that has come out of the House, the Sensenbrenner bill. First and foremost, we gotta control the border because if we don’t control the border, we can’t do anything from there. Control the border first and then go and let’s deal with the 12 million illegal immigrants that are here. First of all by going to business. It has been a law in this country for many many years that you can not hire illegal immigrants. We need to enforce our laws. Not only with people who want to come in to the country, but we need to enforce them with the people that are here. Which means you don’t hire illegal immigrants.


PIERCE: ….. Right now, communist China owns almost 500 billion dollars of that paper debt. Which means that American taxpayers are spending 2 and a half to 3 billion dollars in interest only payments to a communist government. Which, by the way, right now is increasing their defense budget at a rate of over 15 percent a year and have targetted the United States as an enemy.

WILLIE: So, we’re giving the Red Chinese money to build bombs to destroy us.

PIERCE: Absolutely. And that is one of the reason why I’m running against Senator DeWine. I have taken a most unusual approach. I’ve asked people to go to his senatorial website and click on news releases. If you click on his news releases, you’ll see that he has issued 440 news releases in the last 50 weeks. Almost all of them pertain to monies that he has brought in to the state of Ohio. ….. Senator DeWine is boasting on his campaign information, that as a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, he can bring in even more money. Add to that, if I can, November of last year was a big market day for Senator DeWine. He co-sponsored three new spending bills. In November 2nd, he co-sponsored a long-term entitlement program that his office says that they haven’t even calculated the cost for. But, he co-sponsored that with Ted Kennedy. Two weeks later, he co-sponsors another spending bill with Dick Durbin. And two weeks after that, still in the month of November, he co-sponsors another bill with Chuck Schumer. And of course, recently, he signed up to co-sponsor a healthcare for children with Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.

WILLIE: How much is the cost of all that?

PIERCE: They have not estimated any of those costs.


WILLIE: Now, have you appeared before various counties, to seek the endorsement of the Republican Party with Senator Mike DeWine and how have you done?

PIERCE: Mike DeWine and I have gone head-to-head in five contested endorsement programs. I have outright bettered Mike DeWine in three of them. I have tied him in one, which a tie for a challenger to a two-term incumbent has got to be viewed as a win. And Mike DeWine has won a single one. That’s where we stand today.


PIERCE: When I look at what we are facing now, we look at Senator Mike DeWine and even Sherrod Brown, they are cut out of the same cookie cutter mold. That’s college. Law school. And then 35 years of politics. Our founding fathers had envisioned citizen career– citizen legislators, not career politicans. And I think what we see in Washington right now is exactly why.

BAM! Nice job.

Note: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

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Wholly Toledo, the Bogus Story about the Toledo Riots Is Still There!

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Six months later, the bogus and totally discredited headline about Toledo’s mid-October 2005 riot is still there at ABC:



The original BizzyBlog post on the headline from mid-October is here. I originally learned about it at this post by Michelle Malkin.

If you go to the story, it is oh-so-careful not to identify who actually did the rioting that it takes a reader six paragraphs to even begin to get a grip on who is at fault, and seven paragraphs to learn that the Neo-Nazi march that was planned was “cancelled because of the rioting.” In other words, the white supremacists not only didn’t riot, they didn’t even CAUSE it!

For the record: Gangs largely if not entirely consisting of African-Americans DID riot, no matter how long ABC keeps its history rewrite posted. The fact that it remains indicates that ABC has no interest in correcting the historical record, and the Associated Press, the original source of the story, has no interest in monitoring how its clients use their work.

Also: Here’s what Ace, Say Anything, and View from the Right had to say at the time.

That Columbus Dispatch Article on Ohio’s US Senate Challengers

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I had to break in on Sunday night before I intended to so I could comment on the Columbus Dispatch piece that appeared yesterday on the US Senate challengers. A major Hat Tip to Paul at S.O.B. Alliance member Newshound for bringing it to my attention.

I also have to give props to the Dispatch as the only paper that has even polled the race (though I believe the poll is deeply flawed, at least they did one), and as the first major state paper to do a significant writeup with all the primary challengers in one piece. (Pretty sad, when you know that both GOP challengers live less than 30 miles from the hallowed halls of the Cincinnati Enquirer Invisibler.)

As to substance, the piece gave BizzyBlog-endorsed Pierce and the other challenger David Smith some pretty good quotes, and also did a good job of painting a picture of their backgrounds and experience.

Finally, someone in the print media in this state has compiled the litany of Pierce’s county endorsement wins, and DeWine’s county endorsement rebukes.

And finally, finally, FINALLY, someone in the print media in this state is letting everyone know that 36 year-old David Smith has already run for Congress three different times in three different states (they didn’t say what years, but beggars can’t be choosers). If you want to know the results of those efforts, go here.

Aw, let’s save you the click — 362 votes (less than 1%) in Ohio’s 2005 Special Primary; 3,747 votes (about 10%) in Tennessee’s 2004 GOP Primary; and 16 (count ‘em) delegates out of 1,200 and a third ballot (out of 11) elimination) at Utah’s GOP state convention in 2002.

So a “Better late than never” toast to the Dispatch.

Now, where are the rest of the papers?

Bizzy’s AM Coffee Biz-Econ-Life Links (041706)

Free Links:

  • China is closing off e-mail servers, including those managed by companies — the obvious implications, are first, that no e-mail communications will be safe, and second, that no trade secrets will be safe. One would hope that Corporate America doing business in China would object. I’m not optimistic.
  • Hold the Euro-lectures on tolerance and diversity, please — Race-based taunting in soccer is getting out of control. Seriously, Euro-apologists, our major sports got over this, oh, about 40 – 50 years ago.
  • Production gone wild“Industrial production in the U.S. rose 0.6 percent last month as manufacturers benefited from growing demand at home and abroad.” This follows a 0.5% increase in February. So much for manufacturing dying on the vine. Many sectors are picking just in time to offset a slowing (relative to recent years, but not historically) homebuilding sector.
  • Companies are Opening the IT Spending Spigots — From the same Bloomberg link (go to end):

    American companies are also loosening their purse strings in order to upgrade equipment as demand improves. U.S. chief information officers expect to spend more on information technology over the next 12 months than they planned last quarter, according to a survey by CIO Magazine earlier this month.

    Budgets for information technology are expected to increase 8.6 percent over the next 12 months, up from the 7.8 percent increase that was expected in Dec.

  • University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Is Up, and (natch) more than “expected.”
  • I’m Appalled at This Headline (“Economy May Leave Ford Employees Behind”) — We’re to believe that we’ll find Norfolk Ford Plant employees in the gutters after the plant closes. Spare me. Here are at least three things the article ignores:
  1. A large percentage of employees there (union and non-union) are eligible for retirement with pension benefits of $2,000 or more a month (in some cases a LOT more), and company-paid health care with relatively modest deductibles and co-pays. UAW members with 30 years get full retirement benefits with none of the age-based reductions seen in most company pensions.
  2. While it mentions the fact that the plant won’t close for another two years, it doesn’t mention the job bank arrangement, where if there is no work to do members still get paid, AND have opportunities for skill-building while they’re “on the beach.”
  3. UAW members have been given a use-it-or-lose educational allowance of roughly $4,000 per year (in today’s dollars) every year for about 20 years, with many classrooms onsite and many colleges delivering programs onsite. The benefit has been horribly underutilized at most Ford plants. If members haven’t taken advantage of this incredible perk, whose fault is that?
  • Money Magazine says this guy has the best job in America. Yeah, but this guy probably has the best retirement package in human history (and yes, I think it’s excessive, regardless of how great a CEO he was — BUT it’s the shareholders’ problem to fix, not the government’s).

Positivity: A Dramatic Kidnap Rescue in British Columbia

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It took eight days of intensive police effort by hundreds, but they saved him, and caught the perps: