April 21, 2006

Homeless Bob and The Fairfax Station Shelter

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The Enquirer’s Politics Extra Blog has an entry about the womenformcewen.com (WFM) web site.

The WFM site is actually very thorough, and though the Enky entry calls it new, it appears to have been around for about a month. It has a nice blog from Liz which may have more entries than the McEwen campaign site has event and policy position reports. Liz’s blog definitely has had more activity since its first entry on March 25 than the bobmcewen.org web site, which until all previous entries were flushed out a few days ago, appeared to be an abandoned attempt at a candidate or campaign blog.

The WFM site once again leads us to the point noted earlier where we end up learning far more about Liz from the campaign than we ever get to learn about her husband — y’know, the guy whose name is on the ballot.

But I digress.

The WFM site has a picture that Enky Politics Blog entry author Malia Rulon says was taken at that $1 million-plus place in that eastern state adjacent to the District of Columbia — y’know, that place where the McEwens have usually slept since they occupied it in 1997, but which they don’t call their residence.

There’s also a family pic that includes one of the McEwen children wearing a Robinson Track sweatshirt. That portion of the pic is below:

Rob Track

Robinson is apparently a public high school in that eastern state in which the McEwens have not actually resided all these years.

Finally, I’m starting to understand why the homeless statistics in this country are so questionable.

When you combine what The Enquirer reported Sunday about the McEwens not having a place of their own in Hillsboro or anywhere else in Ohio from roughly 2000 until early 2005, with what Bob and the McEwen campaign claim about that place in Virginia not being their residence, you have to conclude that most, if not all, of the McEwen family should have been included in the homeless population statistics for about five years!

McEwen Track
Homeless Bob and the McEwens

Accordingly, BizzyBlog has christened the place where the McEwens have slept most of the past eight or nine years as The Fairfax Station Homeless Shelter, which has thankfully spared Homeless Bob and the McEwens the misery and indignity of living on the streets, which of course no one would wish on anybody:

McEwen Track
The Fairfax Station Homeless Shelter



  1. A very good Christian friend told me once that “Your sins will find you out.” What you have uncovered from the website is an example of the truth in that adage.

    Sometimes lately I’ve wondered how Bob McEwen can say, as he did at the Mercy Healthplex Love-in Weds nite, that he’s “a lifelong resident of Ohio” with a straight face. Does he think his supporters are stupid enough to believe that, or does he simply hope to flim-flam enough Second District voters to win his way back into Congress after an absence of about 14 years? Perhaps both….

    Comment by Howard — April 21, 2006 @ 9:21 am

  2. This is outstanding!

    Forget SNL & Letterman, OH-02 is gettin’ “Bizzy!”

    Facts, fun & analysis…look out Rush!

    Comment by anon — April 21, 2006 @ 9:54 am

  3. LOL

    Wow… WOW… I feel for the kid wearing the “errant” sweatshirt, but this is great stuff. Nice work!

    Comment by Chucko — April 21, 2006 @ 11:20 am

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