April 24, 2006

Bizzy’s AM Coffee Biz-Econ-Life Links (042406)

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This is one of those mornings when there doesn’t seem to be much out there on the economy (yet–1st quarter GDP that will be released this week will change all that, and quickly). So this is one of those days where it’s good to be part of an alliance. Because of that, after the first item, you’ll seeing links to some outstanding posts from others in the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance during the past few days. There will be no noticeable dropoff in quality (in fact, there’s probably a pickup).

  • The IBM PC was introduced 25 years ago today. Apple’s reaction was “Welcome, IBM. Really.” 25 years later, Apple, though a very successful company in its own right, has the best operating system and well under 5% of the market. IBM sold its PC division to the Chinese last year. Earlier this year, Apple fired IBM as chip provider in favor of Intel. Welcome indeed.
  • Boring Made Dull points to a Washington Post article with a list of “underappreciated” dictators. Talk about serendipity — Wouldn’t you know it, president Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, the favorite country Bob “McMercenary” McEwen, made the list.
  • Ohio Conservative has done a great review of National Review contributor Ramesh Ponnuru’s new book, Party of Death. Perhaps I’m naive, but I’m seeing very early signs that the Culture of Death may be loosening its grip on the Democratic Party, which has been so wounded for so many years by its doctrinaire support of abortion on demand and, more recently, the perception that it’s willing to slide merrily down the slippery slope that is euthanasia. There’s Bob Casey in Pennsylvania running for the Senate. One genuine contender in Ohio’s Second District Congressional race on the Democratic side is unabashedly prolife (Jeff Sinnard). In many areas, I believe the sky-is-falling rhetoric so characterstic of the “prochoice” supporters is mellowing. If the Supreme Court ever overturns Roe v. Wade, the position modifications by Democrats and prochoice Republicans in largely Catholic or religious districts will be very interesting to watch.
  • I’m sitting on about two dozen Kelo update links that I need to get around to, so until I do it’s nice to see soon-to-be member Brain Shavings linking to a George Will column on the eminent domain mess in Norwood, a close-in suburb of Cincinnati, where the tyrants have the upper hand.
  • Return of the Conservatives caught a great Toronto Sun piece by Rachel Marsden, who created a brief glossary of Liberal Langauge. Though the competition for best definition is fierce, here’s my fave: “Torture: Frat-party activities that occur on foreign soil, in the presence of U.S. military personnel. Murder, rape and violence perpetrated by communist regimes don’t count.”
  • A few days ago, S.O.B. pioneer Porkopolis looked at a Washington Post graphic about why gasoline costs what it does. Never forget that nationwide, the average take by the greedy hand of federal, state, and local governments is about 46 cents. A look at gasoline taxes on a state-by-state basis is shown at the last item at this December BizzyBlog post.

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