April 29, 2006

Bob McEwen’s Unholy Alliances — COAST

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The Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST) is an anti-tax organization with ostensibly noble goals:

COAST exists to limit the rate of taxes and spending at the Federal, State, and local level to within the rate of inflation and to stop the abuse of power by government officials.

COAST advances this cause by consistent and principled adherence to limited government and lower taxes in fighting legislation and ballot initiatives that increase taxes and spending beyond the rate of inflation, and by supporting candidates for public office who advance these principles.

Despite the stated mission, COAST spends the bulk of its energy not by “supporting candidates for public office” but by opposing people they don’t believe have hewn sufficiently to their low-tax outlook, and does so by using some of the most outrageous tactics imaginable.

I have been told by three different antitax people in three different school districts that the surest way to make sure that school levy repeal or reduction efforts fail is to bring the COAST folks in to “help you out.” The next thing you know, everyone is so mad at you that they won’t listen. That’s because the COAST folks are so bent on insulting people who don’t agree with every line item of their agenda and in scoring their debating points, no matter how bizarre, that they make those who might otherwise have been persuadable tune them out. The people who are trying to keep taxes under control don’t need that.

Now to the current Second District campaign: In February, COAST gave incumbent Congresswoman Jean Schmidt their “Marie Antoinette Award” for 2005 for voting for tax increases. There’s only one problem: Jean Schmidt had a pretty good 2005. In fact, though it was only for a partial year, it was just as good as John Boehner’s, five points shy of Steve Chabot’s and better than every other member of the Ohio congressional delegation.

So the award was bogus. If COAST was really interested in giving out a “Marie” award to Jean Schmidt and they really thought her record in the Ohio General Assembly was that horrid, it should have been one for Lifetime Achievement.

Bob McEwen was there not only when the “Marie” award was given out, but he yukked it up with everyone there when Jean Schmidt’s head was figuratively cut off on a cake (“let them eat cake — get it?), an act of meanness that will be discussed in a later post.

People should know that Bob McEwen is joined at the hip with COAST; he attended the infamous “Marie” meeting, and they have given him $1,000.

This is the same organization that took money from and worked with a liberal proabortion PAC last summer in an attempt to convince GOP voters to stay home and let Democrat Paul Hackett win by default.

How working with an antitax organization that has no problem working with a group that supports the antilife agenda is consistent with Bob McEwen’s stated fundamentalist Christian beliefs is an unsolved mystery that perhaps he’d like to explain — right after he explains how someone who once stood with Ronald Reagan as Eastern European communism fell can take $15,000 a month from what Evans and Novak in their latest e-mail call the “quasi-Marxist government” of Eritrea.

UPDATE: Mr. Jenkins’ comment #1 below inspires me to make sure this quote from this week’s Evans-Novak Report is in the record (link will only work for a few more days):

Still, (Jean Schmidt’s) primary election opponent, former Rep. Bob McEwen (R), is weighed down by his own ethics problems, which go beyond his involvement in the House Banking Scandal in the early 1990s. Now he is facing problems related to his voter registration: He has voted in Ohio for years since leaving Congress, despite living in Virginia. This issue has legs, and it blindsided McEwen, who has handled it very badly. Perhaps less damaging, but still problematic, is the new revelation that he lobbied for the quasi-Marxist government of Eritrea.



  1. Tom,

    Did you ever stand next to Ronald Reagan? Have you ever stood next to a Ronald Reagan? Have you ever seen a man such Reagan that inspired people? You have no idea what it takes to stand that tall, just to not seem small.

    Bob McEwen helped stop a border dispute with Ethiopia that was killing Christians. McEwen worked to keep our forward bases open to support our troops in Afghanistan. McEwen worked to mitigate the actions of the “quasi-Marxist government” of Eritrea.

    I truly do not understand your obsession with tearing down the work of a good man. It is not normal.

    Ed Jenkins

    Comment by Ed Jenkins — April 29, 2006 @ 8:28 pm

  2. #1, that’s impressive, Ed. One week after Bill Sloat’s report in the Plain Dealer, and you guys are finally trying to get your story straight. It’s not working.

    Here is what your guy said in response to questions about his Eritrean engagement in that article:

    McEwen said he was not aware of any religious persecution in Eritrea. He said he thought “they are primarily a Christian nation.” He also accused Schmidt of dirty pool for releasing the records about his work for Eritrea.

    I think there’s a little difference between a quasi-Marxist government and a Christian nation.

    Sounds like Bob was clueless about Eritrea when asked, and it’s reasonable to conclude he was clueless two years ago when he took on the engagement.

    Nice try, sir. No sale.

    Comment by TBlumer — April 29, 2006 @ 9:22 pm

  3. Good response to Mr. Jenkins, TB. Bob McEwen should never have entered this race. After this Tuesday he may decide to give up politics for good. I hope so. And I suspect that very soon he will be forced to stop voting in Ohio elections when he has lived in Virginia for 13 or 14 years. It will be interesting to see what kind of judicial hot water his disregard for the law will dip him in. However it shakes out, I don’t imagine he’ll enjoy it. Willful disobedience of the law is inexcuseable, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    Comment by Starship Trooper — April 29, 2006 @ 11:57 pm

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