April 30, 2006

Bob McEwen’s Unholy Alliances–The R-Rated Whistleblower, Part 1

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The R-Rated Whistleblower is in his own way a Greater Cincinnati institution.

He’ll have to forgive me is my history isn’t quite straight. He began publishing on a permanent basis when Bill Clinton was first elected in 1992. His first missives were sent out as faxes. Then he converted to e-mail and added web pages that matched his e-mails. Several years ago, a mysterious person who has never identified himself named Artis Conception came along to provide the Whistleblower with the “artistic” enhancements that the publication is now so well-known for.

At his best, The Blower, as many refer to him, is the area’s version of Walter Winchell. Once, when I asked him why the people he skewered mercilessly in his publication were nevertheless out-of-their-way friendly towards him in person, he simply said “They know they’d better be.” The Blower can properly claim credit for exposing a number of things the local press here either won’t touch, hasn’t dug up, or is covering up.

But at his worst, he can be a borderline pornographic caricature of what many liberals think of every conservative — even after granting him license for comedy and satire, you realize that he’s right on the edge of racism, bigotry, homophobia, and sexism at an off-putting level.

What does this have to do with Bob McEwen? Not a darn thing until about, oh, August 2 at about 10:55 p.m. That’s roughly one minute after my live blogpost shows that Jean Schmidt was declared the winner in the 2nd Congressional District Special Election, defeating Paul Hackett.

You, see the Whistleblower really, really, REALLY doesn’t like Jean Schmidt. I would say he hates her, but hate is too mild a word. Whatever it is that drives the cadre of Schmidt-bashers bananas, the Blower has multiplied by 10.

Beginning almost immediately after the special election, The Blower began a daily countdown to this one, presumptively hoping that someone, ANYONE would come along and challenge Jean Schmidt in the primary. After her infamous House floor speech in November, it became the established wisdom in Blower e-mails and in the Schmidt-bashing community that anyone who challenged her could handily defeat her — never mind that her speech became associated with a 403-3 repudiation of the Democrats’ cut-and-run attempt; never mind that she became temporary Public Enemy Number One of the moonbatty Left, meaning that her stature became enhanced in a district that has almost no patience for the moonbatty Left; and never mind that her speech led to an invitation from the administration to visit Iraq.

Bob McEwen clearly became a Blower devotee, swallowed the idea of Jean Schmidt’s vulnerability whole, and ultimately threw his carpetbag into the ring.

Make no mistake: Bob McEwen has been and continues to be associated with the R-Rated Whistleblower, and is on that basis fairly associated with the The Blower’s material since that association began. In fact, the bobmcewen.org web site, which appears to have been an attempt to set up a campaign blog that never got off the ground, has had a link to The Blower’s web page (scroll down the left-hand sidd) since mid-January, if not earlier.

Some of what The Blower has published since it became clear that Bob McEwen intended to challenge Jean Schmidt, and McEwen’s failure to distance himself from it, not only makes a total mockery of McEwen’s claim that he wants to “Restore Dignity and Respect” to The Second District, but also makes one question his right to continue to proclaim his fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

What am I referring to? That’s coming right up.


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