May 1, 2006

Bill Pierce’s Pre-Election Post

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The post at his blog is here.

Here are the last few paragraphs, where Bill makes a statement about how he has travelled around the state that all four other candidates of both parties can’t even come close to making, and makes two citizen-legislator promises that our current incumbent senator would never dream of making, let alone keeping:

Having met nearly all of the Republican County Chairs and many Central/Executive Committees, I have offered my commitment to be in each county – large or small – at least two times a year for my full term in office. One of visits will be a town hall meeting so we can engage the citizenry of Ohio in taking an active role in government. We must succeed or we will deny the prayer President Lincoln gave at Gettysburg when he said, “that this Nation, under God, shall have a rebirth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall never perish from the earth.”

Should I be given the opportunity to serve you in the Senate, Janet will remain a 4th grade teacher in Lebanon, which means our home will remain in Ohio. We will not relocate to the Washington area. I will be home in Ohio each and every weekend and that makes my continuing contact with you very possible.

I thank you taking the interest in my campaign and I ask for your support tomorrow and in the future. Together we can foster a change and put our Nation back on the correct path to greatness for future generations to enjoy.

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NOTE: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

Six BIG Reasons to Reject the McEwen Candidacy (Never Mind the Large Number of “Less Serious” Ones)

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The four main reasons to reject Bob McEwen’s congressional candidacy covered at BizzyBlog so far are:

  1. Voting in Highland County when not even having a residence in Ohio and being in actuality a resident of Virginia for a period of several years. Whether of not the statute of limitations has run out in this situation, the acts, never in any way, shape, or form disputed by McEwen or his campaign as having been committed, constitute an unconscionable abuse of our most precious duty as citizens. Bob’s Sobs today at the Politics Extra Blog only refer to the treatment of the Ohio Elections Commission complaints relative to Hamilton County; the Highland County travesty is not mentioned, and I’m aware of no effort to dispute the facts of the situation or the contentions of that county’s Board of Elections.
  2. Taking on a consulting/lobbying agreement with Eritrea, a country characterized the in Evans-Novak report as “quasi-Marxist,” while claiming to the media that “he was not aware of any religious persecution in Eritrea. He said he thought “they are primarily a Christian nation.” He was apparently unaware of the government’s record of religious persecution.
  3. Commissioning a Zogby poll that asked and distributed the results of negative campaign questions while publicly proclaiming that the election should “only be about the issues.”
  4. Telling Bill Cunningham in a radio interview on April 20 that he had not and would not engage in negative campaigning, while a negative campaign flyer about Schmidt from the McEwen campaign was being mailed out to homes throughout the Second District.

There are about a dozen or more less serious disqualifiers, but believe it or not there are a couple more major ones. Yup, there is a fifth, and even a sixth major reason to reject Bob McEwen’s candidacy.

The fifth reason? It has seemed relatively unimportant in the hubbub aroused by the first four in the past two weeks. But perhaps in the long run, it could prove to be an even bigger problem than the first four items if McEwen ever became a congressman again.

BizzyBlog has obtained a VHS tape from the mid-late 1990s from a (presumably former) Amway distributor who had placed a group of the company’s videos for sale on Ebay (go here and here for a discussion of Amway Quixtar’s legitimacy as a business and what was known of Bob McEwen’s involvement in it as of last year).

After seeing the video, I sent the following e-mail to former Amway Founder’s Emerald Eric Scheibeler, author of Merchants of Deception, for his reaction:


….. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to it, I’m amazed at what I’m looking at:- It’s a video (45 minutes of 90) on working as a team (as married couples) with the Florences, the Meadows, and the Storms in front of a studio audience.
- McEwen is the host (without Liz). He narrates the opening segment and the segment wraps and intros, and conducts the discussion like a pretty polished TV host.
- It HAS to be 8-10 years old (I think it’s 1998).
- I get the distinct impression that he knows these couples socially.

Doesn’t the fact that McEwen is hosting a program like this (as opposed to “only” giving a speech at a convention or participating in breakout sessions at these events) mean that he’s a lot more involved in the tools business than we might have previously believed?

Or am I overreacting? Not just any ex-congressman or politician would get to this point with the AQ people. So either he’s getting paid an extraordinary amount of money to do this, or it’s part and parcel of getting his cut from the tools business.

Give me your reaction, especially if you weren’t previously aware of this level of McEwen involvement.

Eric’s reply was this:

You are right on target with this….. we were told that one of the diamonds personally sponsored McEwen as an IBO after several speaking engagements. They all would use him for credibility to bring him to the group as “Congressman McEwen”…. he has a close personal relationship with several of the Diamonds and is anything but an impartial interviewer since he has taken tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from many of them. He too would then use his “credibility” as a “congressman” to get more speaking engagements….. When we were “in” we thought McEwen was a current congressman from how he was introduced….

What’s the significance? Two things:

  1. It seems more likely that it did a year ago that Bob McEwen is a knowledgeable participant in the tools business and that he is benefitting from it to a greater extent than originally thought. If he is indeed one of the very few AQ higher-ups who were directly or indierctly benefitting disproportionately from the tools business, while financially bleeding many of the lower-level IBOs (Independent Business Owners, formerly known as Distributors) to the breaking point (as Scheibeler painfully details in his book), and IF-IF-IF Amway Quixtar is the illegal pyramid scheme that many reputable people believe it to be, then Bob McEwen may indeed eventually end up on the wrong side of the law if the rumored state and federal investigations that are said to be ongoing ever lead to civil or criminal charges.
  2. From time to time, there have been attempts to cleverly rewrite consumer law so that any ambiguity about whether multilevel businesses like Amway Quixtar and many other similar operations are legal would be removed — in favor of unquestioned legality, no matter how many people get hurt (caveat emptor, regardless of the level of deception and misrepresentation). Whether or not that’s desirable is open to debate, but the fact that someone could enter Congress with an alleged high level of seniority on the Rules Committee and the apparent ability (more than the average congressperson) to slip amendments and riders into bills that would accomplish what the multilevel firms have been dreaming about for years, is at least problematic, and possibly worse.

The sixth and final “big” reason for rejecting Bob McEwen’s candidacy is his fluid stance on, of all things, the War on Terror.

Here are the final four paragraphs of The Cincinnati Enquirer’s story about the community forum in Bethel last week:

The two disagreed sharply on Iraq.

Schmidt argued that the U.S. military has already turned over much of the responsibility for keeping the peace in Iraq to U.S.-trained Iraqi military and police.

“We have to stay until the job is finished,” Schmidt said.

McEwen said the time has come to start withdrawing American forces.

I had to re-read Bob’s Sobs again to make sure that he didn’t dispute the accuracy of the Enquirer’s report. He didn’t.

Incredibly, The Enquirer excerpt indicates that Jean Schmidt is “to the right” of Bob McEwen on the War on Terror (yes, libs reading this, Iraq IS part of the War on Terror), and that Bob McEwen’s position, noted clearly in context as being indifferent whether or not the job is finished, is “cut-and-run”!

McEwen should know that the President’s position is that we should finish the job; that the majority of the American people, even of those who feel we made a mistake going to war, feel we should finish the job; and that the vast majority of soldiers returning from the war, including the people in this organization, feel we should finish the job. After what Jean Schmidt has endured for her so-called “cut-and-run” speech, for McEwen, the Cold Warrior, to be the one advocating “cut-and-run” is beyond comprehension.

Wow. Weak on the War on Terror. The transformation from candidate to caricature is indeed complete.

Pierce-ing Posts (050106)

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This is the final edition of Pierce-ing Posts. It will be updated throughout the day and kept at the top as new info, news, and posts come in.

Right on the Right — Cast Your Vote for Bill Pierce

Saturday, Right on the Right Published the Pierce Principles, and explained why Mike DeWine should not continue: “DeWine has served as a key ally for the Democratic Party, and has assisted in the filibuster of Conservative judicial nominees. He supports amnesty, won’t allow drilling in ANWR, and really “brings home the pork” for Ohio. By pork, I mean excess spending that’s driving our nation bankrupt.”

That Ridiculous Dispatch Poll

NixGuy makes some excellent points about yesterday’s Dispatch poll on the race, especially in comparison to the one from a month ago. His biggest one: Undecideds went from 34% to zero. So everyone has made up their minds? That is patently absurd. What’s more, the poll shows no undecideds in any race!

The larger point: Nobody really knows where anyone stands in the GOP US Senate race, and if anyone is telling you they do know, they’re not tellling the truth. Vote for conservative principles. Vote for Pierce.

CQ Politics’ Absurd Assessment

Near the bottom at the link:

DeWine is being challenged by William G. Pierce, an engineer and teacher, and David R. Smith, a financial manager and frequent candidate for office. He dodged a much tougher contest. Though generally a reliable vote for the Republican leadership, DeWine has strayed on some social and environmental issues: That led some Ohio conservatives to try to recruit a serious primary challenger, but they failed to do so.

Nonetheless, the Republican primary returns will be watched for any signs of disenchantment with DeWine among conservative voters.

When was this effort “to try to recruit a serious primary challenger”? I must have missed it….. the one person I can think of who might have been seen by some poor misguided souls as a “serious challenger” backed out when the supposedly “non-serious challengers” wouldn’t budge. In light of what has happened in the intervening five months, you don’t even want to think about what a disaster it would have been for conservatives if that person had run.

More Pre-Election Prose and Reax

  • Made 4 the Internet“Ohio can no longer afford the liberal policies of Mike DeWine. Ohio can no longer afford the weak-spined defense of American liberty. Now is the time to elect William Pierce. A man of principle and integrity, Mr. Pierce has experienced the clumsy fist of government and understands the seemingly insurmountable pile of regulations men like Mike DeWine and his Democrat friends have placed upon the back of the common man.”
  • The Conservatorium of Conservatism is on board, more because of being anti-DeWine than being pro-Pierce (that’s OK, we can work on changing that starting on Wednesday) — “o I am officially declaring my support for the Pierce campaign, not because I have some wonderful faith in him, but because at the very least I need to pick a candidate to send a message to corrupt and power-hungry senators. The best candidate to send the message, I believe, is Bill Pierce.”
  • Black Swamp Conservative formalizes his Pierce endorsement.

Right Angle Blog Is All Over the Election-Eve Posts

He refers over to this post, to NixGuy’s Dispatch critique, and to the FreeRepublic post on DeWine’s Rumsfeld-bashing. Yeow.

Pierce Bumper

NOTE: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

WoMD’s Mark: Another Time of Choosing

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Thanks to Mark for this outstanding post at Bill Pierce’s blog on Election Eve. Here’s an excerpt:

As a lifelong conservative born in the late 1970s, my benchmark for service and patriotism is Ronald Reagan. He called our nation a shining city on a hill, referring to what James Winthrop said almost 400 years ago when the Pilgrims landed. President Reagan believed that so long as we were faithful stewards, that city would remain shining. Bill Pierce was among the first in southwest Ohio to join Reagan’s revolution, heading up the Warren County campaign for The Gipper when he was not the favorite. Bill was right on it then, he is right on it now.

Bill Pierce wants to go to Washington to serve, to lead, not to be led. He wants to get things done, not dither and dawdle while resources crumble, as the incumbent does. He is not about gaining a reputation, but about building the nation.

Read the whole thing. Vote for Bill Pierce tomorrow.

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NOTE: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

As the Economy Grows….

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Just got this in an e-mail from CNN, no links yet links to AP stories found:

“April manufacturing index stronger than expected. March construction spending well above forecasts.”

(there’s that “expected” word again)

Add those to the BEA’s income report this morning (up 0.8% in March, spending up 0.6%), and that’s a pretty solid day of good news.

Why Haven’t Those Highland County Board of Elections Letters to the McEwens Been Published?

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Yes, I’m referring to the “Mrs. Lyle’s House Is Not Your Home” letter, but also to the one preceding it.

Unless I’ve missed it, those letters from the Highland County Board of Elections, addressed to Homeless Bob McEwen, Liz McEwen, and their two oldest children, were sent to that place in Virginia that supposedly isn’t the McEwens’ residence (hence the name “Fairfax Station Homeless Shelter“). The first letter advised them of the residency issue, and the second cancelled their Highland County voter registrations. Neither letter has ever been published in full, though the first letter was referred to and the part of the cancellation letter was quoted in The Cincinnati Enquirer’s devastating April 16 report.

Clearly, these oversights demand immediate correction. So let’s start with the letter written to Bob and Liz McEwen on August 22, 2002 advising them of the issue with their claimed Highland County residency:

August 22, 2002

Bob & Liz McEwen
10935 Rice Field Place
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Dear Bob & Liz,

This letter is a continuation of our conversation about your residency in Highland County. I received the challenge form with your signature. However, when I reported this at the Board meeting, that became part of the Minutes. A copy of the minutes each month is sent to the Secretary of State. Pat Wolfe, Elections Administrator called me about what she read in our Minutes. Her comment to me was that since a challenge had been started, the issue had to be resolved. She added that I refer to ORC 3503.02 regarding rules for determining residence for voting purposes. Paragraph F states that “except as otherwise provided in division (g) of this section if a person removes from this state and continuously resides outside this state for a period of four years or more, the person shall be considered to have lost the person’s residence in that state, notwithstanding the fact that the person may entertain an intention to return at some future period.”

I am enclosing a copy of ORC 3503.02 for you. Our review shows that according to this section of law, you should be voting in Virginia, not Ohio. If you come to a different determination, please contact our office at once. Otherwise, the Board will reexamine this at an upcoming meeting.

Very truly yours,

Joyce R. Harvey, Director

It would appear that the McEwens had plenty of time to help the Board come to a “different determination,” but either did not or could not. 10-1/2 months later, the registrations of all four McEwens were cancelled:

July 8, 2003

Bob McEwen
Liz McEwen
Meredith McEwen
Jonathan McEwen
(247 E. Main St. Hillsboro)
10935 Rice Field Pl.
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Dear Bob, Liz, Meredith, and Jonathan,

In my letter to you dated August 22, 2002 I wrote that the Board would examine the question of your residency in Highland county at an upcoming meeting. The Board Members discussed this matter at length when they met in June.

The problem is that you no longer have an established residence of your own here. Mrs. Lyle’s house is not your home. You cannot use her address in this format. As I explained to you last August, we have consulted the Secretary of State regarding this matter several times. I am enclosing copies of the August letter and the ORC for your reference.

The Board Members have reviewed this very carefully and thoroughly. The result of their deliberation was a motion, a second and a unanimous vote to cancel your voter registrations here in Highland County, due to none of you meeting the residency requirement.

This is not a political or personal issue. It’s a Board of Elections matter. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding this letter.

Very truly yours,

Joyce R. Harvey, Director

And there’s a bonus: On the same day, the Board also advised Liz McEwen, who appears from the language of its separate letter to have attempted to fill out a new registration, of the following: “This letter is to inform you that your voter registration has been rejected by the Highland County Board of Elections. You do not meet the residency requirement of ORC 3503.02 to be eligible to register and vote here. If you have questions about this notification, contact me.”

One thought seems inescapable. Here’s the congressional oath of office:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Based on the above and more recently reported items, the evidence appears to be pretty convincing that Bob McEwen has not been “faithfully discharging his duties” as a voter. So somebody help me out with this — Why should we take a chance on whether he would faithfully discharge his more difficult and far more important duties as a congressman?

Porkopolis’s Election-Eve Questions for Mike DeWine (050106)

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Back in December, some S.O.B. Alliance members, and members to be, used Mike DeWine’s vote against ANWR drilling as an opportunity to endorse. Porkopolis used it as an opportunity to unload, and did he ever.

Porkopolis did the dirty work and asked our incumbent senator six as-yet unanswered questions.

On this Primary Election Eve, I think it would be a good idea to bring ALL SIX of Porkopolis’s questions to everyone’s attention. These are questions that our incumbent senator has not and will not answer, all of which indicate just how out of touch he is with anything even resembling conservatism.

So here are all six Porkopolis Pre-Election Questions:

  1. Why are you supporting the give-away of government land to lobbying groups?
  2. Why are you cosponsoring a huge new government entitlement with Ted Kennedy?
  3. Why do you allow your Senatorial colleagues to propose legislation that will affect the returns of Ohio Public Employee Retirees?
  4. Why are you blocking Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp reform?
  5. Why did you vote against Senator Coburn’s amendment to limit pork barrel spending earmarks?
  6. What’s the deal with the $176,000 in farm subsidies you’re personally benefitting from?

Don’t wait for answers from Mike DeWine that aren’t going to come. And PLEASE, let’s not subject ourselves to another six years of Mike DeWine’s faux conservatism. Instead, vote for fiscal conservative Bill Pierce on May 2, and you won’t be asking your senator questions like the ones above six years from now.

Don’t forget to visit Bill’s site, his blog, and his Contribute page.

Pierce Bumper

NOTE: I have endorsed Bill Pierce for Senate, and have provided nominal financial support for his campaign. BizzyBlog is a member of Blogs for Pierce.

Bizzy’s AM Coffee Biz-Econ-Life Links (050106)

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Free Links:

  • Better Late Than Never Reporting Department (the lateness is on my part; HT Michelle Malkin and WoMD, not necessarily in that order :–>) — WCPO and The Cincinnati Enquirer have separate reports on how the professor at Northern Kentucky University who not only encouraged her students to destroy a prolife display, but also participated in the destruction, has indeed been charged with misdemeanor crimes — as have the students. The Enquirer report gives us the sob story that Sally Jacobsen, who was acting quite unrepentant in private while putting on an “I’m sorry” face in public, is receiving hate mail. Two reactions: First, if you really are, welcome to what conservatives have routinely endured for years. Second, since leftists tend to consider anything that disagrees with their worldview to be hate mail, color me very skeptical.
  • Update to “Voodoo Schmoodoo” Supply-Side Post — Incorporating the Fourth Quarter of 2005′s final GDP growth of 1.7% and First Quarter of 2006′s preliminary 4.8% into the table I originally presented in defense of supply-side economics back in January, here is how the major boom periods of the last 50 years compare:


    The past three years of the Bush economy are pretty impressive, though the 12-quarter annualized growth has dipped below 4% from the 10-quarter growth of 4.07% noted in the previous post. Considering the impact of Sarbanes Oxley, which I believe is and will continue to be a permanent drag of a half point to a full point on annual GDP growth, it’s actually pretty remarkable.
    It’s not exactly a secret that if Congress wants to keep the solid growth record going, it needs to get off the dime and keep the tax increase that will occur if they do nothing from happening. This is referred to in most quarters as “making the tax cuts permanent,” which is a very poor choice of language. Since the existing tax system has been in place for about three years now, allowing the legislation that put it in place to expire would in reality be legislating a tax increase through sloth.

  • This is a Really Bad Idea — A greedy politician thinks he’s hit a gold mine, when it could kill the golden goose that’s only a couple of miles fom where I sit:

    New Mason tax idea floated
    Admissions surcharge would add to ticket costs

    MASON – Millions of people who flock to Paramount’s Kings Island and other tourist attractions here could wind up paying more for tickets if one Mason city councilman has his way.

    Councilman Tony Bradburn wants the city to impose a 3 percent to 5 percent admissions tax at Kings Island, the Beach Waterpark, the Lindner Family Tennis Center and the soon-to-be-open Great Wolf Lodge.

    The tax would generate money for road improvements and other services that accommodate the more than 3 million people a year who visit those places.

    “I don’t think the city should have to fund that. Any little bit we can get to help defray those expenses we’ll take,” Bradburn said. “It would provide millions of dollars in revenue. I’m surprised the city hasn’t been doing it for years..

    In Ohio, 64 cities and villages imposed an admissions tax in 2003, the most recent year for which data was available from to the Ohio Department of Taxation. They include Cincinnati, Springdale and Sandusky, home of Cedar Point.

    The Sandusky tax – which generates about $2.5 million a year – was enacted more than 20 years ago.

    Notice how Mr. Bradburn is talking about one-time improvements, but how Sandusky’s tax is permanent. Once an admissions tax is in place, it will never go away.

    Perhaps Mr. Bradburn hasn’t noticed that Kings Island’s owner CBS has put it up for sale, and doesn’t want to be in the amusement park business. The business becomes worth less to a potential buyer if the tax goes into effect. Kings Island isn’t Disneyland — What if CBS can’t find a buyer, exits the amusement park business anyway, and shutters the park? Think of all the income tax revenue that could go away.

Positivity: Victim Rescued From Kidnappers

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I suspect there are many more stories like these that we don’t hear about: