May 1, 2006

Why Haven’t Those Highland County Board of Elections Letters to the McEwens Been Published?

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Yes, I’m referring to the “Mrs. Lyle’s House Is Not Your Home” letter, but also to the one preceding it.

Unless I’ve missed it, those letters from the Highland County Board of Elections, addressed to Homeless Bob McEwen, Liz McEwen, and their two oldest children, were sent to that place in Virginia that supposedly isn’t the McEwens’ residence (hence the name “Fairfax Station Homeless Shelter“). The first letter advised them of the residency issue, and the second cancelled their Highland County voter registrations. Neither letter has ever been published in full, though the first letter was referred to and the part of the cancellation letter was quoted in The Cincinnati Enquirer’s devastating April 16 report.

Clearly, these oversights demand immediate correction. So let’s start with the letter written to Bob and Liz McEwen on August 22, 2002 advising them of the issue with their claimed Highland County residency:

August 22, 2002

Bob & Liz McEwen
10935 Rice Field Place
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Dear Bob & Liz,

This letter is a continuation of our conversation about your residency in Highland County. I received the challenge form with your signature. However, when I reported this at the Board meeting, that became part of the Minutes. A copy of the minutes each month is sent to the Secretary of State. Pat Wolfe, Elections Administrator called me about what she read in our Minutes. Her comment to me was that since a challenge had been started, the issue had to be resolved. She added that I refer to ORC 3503.02 regarding rules for determining residence for voting purposes. Paragraph F states that “except as otherwise provided in division (g) of this section if a person removes from this state and continuously resides outside this state for a period of four years or more, the person shall be considered to have lost the person’s residence in that state, notwithstanding the fact that the person may entertain an intention to return at some future period.”

I am enclosing a copy of ORC 3503.02 for you. Our review shows that according to this section of law, you should be voting in Virginia, not Ohio. If you come to a different determination, please contact our office at once. Otherwise, the Board will reexamine this at an upcoming meeting.

Very truly yours,

Joyce R. Harvey, Director

It would appear that the McEwens had plenty of time to help the Board come to a “different determination,” but either did not or could not. 10-1/2 months later, the registrations of all four McEwens were cancelled:

July 8, 2003

Bob McEwen
Liz McEwen
Meredith McEwen
Jonathan McEwen
(247 E. Main St. Hillsboro)
10935 Rice Field Pl.
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Dear Bob, Liz, Meredith, and Jonathan,

In my letter to you dated August 22, 2002 I wrote that the Board would examine the question of your residency in Highland county at an upcoming meeting. The Board Members discussed this matter at length when they met in June.

The problem is that you no longer have an established residence of your own here. Mrs. Lyle’s house is not your home. You cannot use her address in this format. As I explained to you last August, we have consulted the Secretary of State regarding this matter several times. I am enclosing copies of the August letter and the ORC for your reference.

The Board Members have reviewed this very carefully and thoroughly. The result of their deliberation was a motion, a second and a unanimous vote to cancel your voter registrations here in Highland County, due to none of you meeting the residency requirement.

This is not a political or personal issue. It’s a Board of Elections matter. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding this letter.

Very truly yours,

Joyce R. Harvey, Director

And there’s a bonus: On the same day, the Board also advised Liz McEwen, who appears from the language of its separate letter to have attempted to fill out a new registration, of the following: “This letter is to inform you that your voter registration has been rejected by the Highland County Board of Elections. You do not meet the residency requirement of ORC 3503.02 to be eligible to register and vote here. If you have questions about this notification, contact me.”

One thought seems inescapable. Here’s the congressional oath of office:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Based on the above and more recently reported items, the evidence appears to be pretty convincing that Bob McEwen has not been “faithfully discharging his duties” as a voter. So somebody help me out with this — Why should we take a chance on whether he would faithfully discharge his more difficult and far more important duties as a congressman?


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