May 18, 2006

UPDATE–Politics Extra Post on Enquirer Article Disputed by Tom Brinkman

This updates this previous post based on this Enquirer article.

Glory be, the Politics Extra Blog has a post called “Gay Lobby Day Transcript“:

  • I looked for the original piece’s quote of Brinkman (“There are things we should do as a society that are more accepting.”) — IT’S NOT THERE. The Politics extra post says that they have put up a “portion of the transcript” — you would think that, since Brinkman is disputing the quote, that they would have brought their proof of it out if they had it.
  • This passage is all about whether a gay adoption initiative is going to be placed on the ballot:

    Ted Jackson (described as “President of the Cincinnati Log Cabin Republicans” [LCR] — listed at LCR web site here, though link to Cincy site doesn’t work): “But let me just throw something in front of you: Certain members of the House or the Senate decided to do a legislative move to throw it on the (statewide) ballot, could we count on your no vote to keep it off the ballot?’’

    Brinkman: “Uhh. I’d say, fine, you could count on it, but ‘cause I just don’t see that happening. I don’t think it’s that big an issue.’’

    Jackson: “Right. But we never know. We never know the way things expose(play) out. We know that they are used sometimes as drivers. And we got a big election coming up, so.’’

    Brinkman: “This one. I can tell you, we had a big, long meeting with the Speaker (Jon Husted). It’s not going anywhere.’’

    It is NOT at all about how, as the article claimed, “he would now vote against House Bill 515.”

I fail to see how the Enquirer blog’s post is responsive, let alone apologetic. It sure as heck isn’t sufficient.

UPDATE: Here are the last three paras of an e-mail I just sent to Mr. Craig:

The partial transcript does not have the specific quote attributed to Mr. Brinkman in today’s print edition of The Enquirer (”There are things we should do as a society that are more accepting.”), nor does it contain information relating to, as the article claimed, how “he (Brinkman) would now vote against House Bill 515.”

Your post is said to be a partial transcript. I would suggest that if the rest of the transcript contains material responsive to Mr. Brinkman’s principal complaints, the operative suggestion would be: Out with it.

Otherwise, it would appear that the retraction and apology Mr. Brinkman seek would both be in order, and well ahead of when papers hit the driveway tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 2: At 1:40 PM, Mr. Craig apparently responded thusly to Mr. Brinkman’s complaint:

I attended the meeting with Brinkman and the gay lobbyists. There will be a clarification in tomorrow’s newspaper with reference to HB 515 because in the editing process, the representative’s additional comments about being against putting it on a statewide ballot were cut.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Jon Craig
Enquirer Columbus Bureau

This is as non-responsive as the Politics Extra blog post that took place 2 hours later. Again, where’s the proof of the quote, and where’s the proof that Brinkman said he would change his vote? Nowhere to be found.

NOTE: I’ll only take comments at this post about the accuracy or inaccuracy of the reporting, not the legislative issue involved.



  1. Bizzy, you better pinch yourself. Time to wake up from your dream state. The Enquirer admit a mistake? Publish a retraction? Please….the same paper that forgot there were FOUR Republicans and FIVE Democrats running for the 2nd District? The paper that only gave the two that were pissing and moaning at each other time and press. Goodness, Bizzy….

    Comment by Jon — May 18, 2006 @ 10:09 pm

  2. Jon, if there’s any good that comes out of this, it’s the fact that their sloppy journalism is on the record, and won’t be forgotten.

    Deb was visible and campaigned consistently, and therefore deserved to get noticed. Constable I believe is another matter.

    Comment by TBlumer — May 18, 2006 @ 10:32 pm

  3. Tom:

    Thanks for covering this. No one else in town will. The Enquirer is hopelessly biased. Usually it manifests itself in things they refuse to cover — news and opinion. Since Buchanan became editor, they even refuse to run guest editorials or letters by those contrary points of view.

    The view points of the now-liberal editorial page have poured over to the news pages in a shameful fashion.

    Now, however, they have resorted to manufacturing quotes from whole cloth that simply never existed and creating positions Brinkman never took. The obvious intent was to undermine the forceful agenda Tom advances and to discredit Tom.

    Because the Enquirer gets by with their spin and lies unchallenged and because they have ZERO integrity, only the Blumers of the world are there to spread the truth.

    The pathetic excuse for a newspaper has sunk to a new low…and after their crappy journalistic record that is hard to imagine.

    Keep up the good work. Also, join me in cancelling your Enquirer subscription and telling their advertisers to stop spending money with them…embarassing.

    Comment by Media Hound — May 18, 2006 @ 11:46 pm

  4. #3, thanks for the nice words. I’m way ahead of you on the subscription cancellation.

    Their circ is up 6% in the past 6 months, and they say it’s because they focusing more on local news. Fine, but if they don’t do it accurately the goodwill they get from doing more local stuff will vanish.

    Comment by TBlumer — May 18, 2006 @ 11:51 pm

  5. #3 and #4….after the primary I cancelled my subscription. When they asked why, I told them they were hopelessly biased and not worth the paper it was printed on. I went into a bit more detail then. I don’t think they gave a damn why.

    Comment by Jon — May 19, 2006 @ 6:23 am

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