July 30, 2006

Weekend Question 4: Why Is Living in the Congressional District You Represent Such a Difficult Concept?

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First, it was Bob McEwen wanting to represent Ohio’s Second Congressional District after buying a condo in the district one month before June 2005′s special primary, after having his principal residence the previous 12-plus years in Northern Virginia and his “sort of” residence in Ohio in Hillsboro during much of that time (Hillsboro is NOT in the Second District).

In 2006, McEwen’s further offenses against common sense were revealed when the Enquirer reported that that he and his wife (and, revealed later, his voting-age children) voted in Highland County (Hillsboro is the county seat) in the late 1990s through 2002 or 2003 , even after he stopped having any kind of residence there, and while still having his principal residence in Virginia. He and his family members obstinately continued voting in Highland County until they were disenfranchised by that county’s Board of Elections. Anyone who is so cavalier about complying with basic voting law is not a candidate who deserves anyone’s vote, even if he or she is otherwise the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan (if you’re a Republican) or FDR (if you’re a Democrat).

Then there’s Tammy Duckworth, who has taken non-residency to a new level, believing that she can represent Illiniois’ Sixth District even though she doesn’t currently live in it, and has no intention of moving into it (of course, she’s a war hero and I honor that; that doesn’t change the fact that she needs to reside where her constituents live to deserve their vote).

Shortly after I posted about Duckworth, I learned that Charlie “Green Card” Wilson (nickname created by Lincoln Logs) does not live in Ohio’s Sixth District and, like Duckworth, has no intention of moving into it.

I can think of no other public office where someone could even dream of trying to represent an area in which he or she doesn’t live. Why should serving in the House be any different?

Parachuting into a district shortly before an election and expecting to represent it knowledgeably is insufferably arrogant and unacceptable. Running for a congressional seat in a district you don’t live in shouldn’t even be legal.

Bob McEwen’s two hijacking attempts have already been repudiated. It’s time for Duckworth and Wilson to suffer the same fates. As far as I’m concerned, in situations like these, there’s no need to get to get to a discussion of “the issues.” The candidacies I’ve covered here didn’t, or don’t, deserve to exist, nor do any others that might be occurring elsewhere in the country.



  1. The old hue and cry, “There oughta be a law,” applies here, doesn’t it. As a 2d Ohio District resident and supporter of Jean Schmidt, I was angered by Bob McEwen’s arrogant disregard of Ohio’s election laws. He won’t be back, but his campaigns in last year’s special primary and this year’s nasty, unnecessary primary were intrusive and unwelcome. I hope Wilson and Duckworth lose by big margins so that they both go home and stay home like McEwen has and will.

    Comment by Excelsior — July 31, 2006 @ 11:04 am

  2. #1, I so hope that you’re correct about the future of all three. I just don’t get how a person could even consider doing what these three have done or are doing.

    Comment by TBlumer — July 31, 2006 @ 4:44 pm

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